10 Great Holiday Gift Websites for 10 Very Distinct People In Your Life Oh, the joys of giving!


For the OC Geek – Poppin

I don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute freak when it comes to designing (OK, I may not be good, but no one’s asking). And what better way to go about it than by color coordinating things? Poppin is mainly an office décor shop. Although, if you look well enough, you’ll find hidden gems perfect for your room or whatever it is your bud is decorating. If you have an obsessive-compulsive friend who loves organizing by the color, this website will make the job a breeze for you both.

For the Special Snowflake – Uncommon Goods

We all have that one friend who’s maybe a bit too into weird things (which clearly doesn’t mean we love them any less). So if you’re trying to look for the perfect website that caters to just that, then look no further because you’ve found it. Uncommon Goods is full of knick-knacks that will answer all your gifting problems. And hey, you can even sort the categories “By Interest” such as Music, Wine, and so much more. How cool, honestly?

For the Gym Enthusiast – FitOrbit

While the word gym can be a pain to even hear for most people, to some, it is paradise. Luckily, this part of the list is for them. If you have that person in your life who’s mostly complaining because of how expensive fit-living can get, gifting them the FitOrbit subscription will make you their favorite person ever. Get a personal trainer who will not only give you the ideal exercise for your body type and desired outcome, but also curate your daily meal plans! And the best part is, they’re hella affordable!

For the Photography Lover – Lomography

I’m a sucker for vintage photography. Looking at them gives me this sense of tranquility, like beaches and pictures of Space and the future. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m as skilled behind the camera. Lomography, however, caters to everyone who loves the craft – no matter how skilled (or not) you may be. Their film cameras also come in different colors and even lenses – like you’ve never seen them before.

For the Winter Wanderlust – Flight 001

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love traveling? If we’re not the traveler in the group or the fam, we probably have that one person who is – or, who may just be into going places as we are. And if you’re ever wondering where to shop for items that’ll come in handy come departure, Flight 001’s got you covered. From super adorable luggage tags to maps and even personal essentials. Never leave home unprepared ever again!

For the Crafty Homebody – Zara Home

Zara’s branched out to different parts of the world. What people aren’t usually aware of though, is the fact that they’ve also reached an entirely new demographic by selling home décor in its exclusive line över på den här sidan. Lust over Zara’s collections and bring elegance to your very own home – or, your friend’s. Their metallic print designs are to die for; you’ll never want to be elsewhere. Home sweet home, indeed.

For the Bookworm Bud – Book Depository

Looking for a specific book you want to give as a gift to the person you know would appreciate it the most? You’ve probably wandered every single bookstore in town to no avail. Maybe even checked Amazon, which, mind you, has a copy; too bad the price plus shipping fee will cost you a fortune. Well, Book Depository carries a library of even your most rare desires. And that’s not all, their shipping is also free – worldwide. Add all that to the fact that these ones, albeit brand new, are way cheaper than your average book. Uh, jackpot Santa!

For the Parfum & Beauty Aficionado – Strawberry

Perfumes can be a pain in the ass because of how pricey they can sometimes be. Strawberry’s changing the game entirely, though. You’ll never have to worry about breaking your pocket over 30ml designer perfumes again, because they’re selling them at a very generous discounted price. This will not only make gifting very easy for the average Jane, it might also end up convincing you of purchasing two – because you don’t have to neglect yourself, sis.

For the Tech Junkie – AliExpress

You have not experienced living if you’re a techie who’s yet to purchase his first AliExpress gadget. Give your relative or friend the time of their lives by giving them something that’ll last decades. To ascertain the quality of something you’re purchasing though, make sure to check the reviews section and the rating of the seller. Since this is pretty much a buy-and-sell site, you need to proceed with precaution. You can find a bunch more stuff in here, but decent techs for really affordable prices is where it excels the most.

For the Tomboy Chic – Kitsch Kandy

Fair warning, this is not shameless self-promo – except, it maybe kinda is. Kitsch Kandy is an online store that caters to those whose style and personality conform to no rules, no traditional thoughts, no nothing. If you’ve got a badass girl friend who’s got the goods going, I suggest giving this a try and seeing for yourself how a store, run and owned by women, can change the game forever.


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