10 Home Interior Brands That Are Pinterest-Worthy Achieve that picture perfect apartment you’ve always dreamed of!


We all have aspirations. Some people want to date Emma Stone, others long for a picture with Kim K, while some just want an apartment that doubles as an ideal photo backdrop—me included.

So I figured, why not write an entire article solely dedicated to those who share the same category as moi?

Ready to transform your home? Let’s get to it!



Viktorija, the brains and brawns behind the masterpiece that is AndSmile, is an illustrator and all around wonder woman.

Now, I know most of us crave that minimalistic space you can instagram the heck out of, but adding a very slight pop of color in the form of her gorgeous artworks and portraits won’t hurt—if anything, it’ll add dimension to the room and is a nod to your inner creative. Win-win!



Hopscotch is a mix of sophisticated and playful. Add character to your home with some of the best smelling candles in town and anything-but-bland decor; marbles and potted plants that need little to no attention, anyone? Perfect for the freelance hustler or the 9-to-5 go-getter.

Think, a slightly more accessible version of Bath and Body Works with all that aesthetic intact. (Bonus points if you give their monthly subscription box a go!)



This store gives the focal point not only to contemporary wooden homeware, but also to objects specifically curated to tell a story. All about giving your space a diversity pump, am I right?

The beautiful collection by Forest + Found is crafted by two Fine Arts majors, both with a knack for nature and practicality. It doesn’t get much better than this. (Also, talk about witty store naming! I’m here for it.)


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

As the artist’s brainchild, she makes sure The Vintage Vogue mirrors her endless adoration for personal decor that boast uniqueness, like the crowd-favorite and all-exclusive paper sculptures. Charlotte’s love of design and crafts is reflected by the intricacy of her pieces.

You should check her shop out to see for yourself. But you better hurry, stocks sell out fast! And fair warning, their website is the definition of VSCO aesthetic. I’m screaming!



We’ve been talking about homeware that doubles as wonderfully designed room decor for however long now, but give me this moment as I share with you a gem of a store I’ve found just days ago.

Urban Cartel is an Etsy-based kitchenware shop that sells contemporary porcelain table products designed to serve their purpose and provide lovely balance for both your life and home. Did I forget to mention that their items are in different pastel colors? Honestly, that sold me a hundred times over.

Eating breakfast just got better.



Okay, listen, I don’t have a green thumb and whenever I try my hands at anything plant related, they end up being in a very sorry state; so I’m often trying to steer away from them. But, again, listen, Shade on Shape sells the absolute best, most adorable vases I’ve ever laid eyes on and I really couldn’t say no to that type of deal. I can always make do with fake flowers, anyway.

Sonia, the founder, also has a penchant for creating geometric pieces that can liven up any desk. Double whammy, ladies and gents!



If you’re looking to spice up your home with something that is modern and innovative, yet traditional and culturally-driven, then Rosendahl is the perfect brand you’ve been waiting for. I know, right? Where has this been all my life!

The design group represents world-class Danish design, taking pride in rediscovered classics and entirely new products created to add value to the everyday Joe’s lifestyle. Too good to be true? You have to see it to believe it!



Any Lego or Star Wars fans here? Room Copenhagen recently collaborated with both brands (and a bunch more!) to deliver some of their best-selling collections yet. This spin-off store aims to create exciting and functional design with a palette full of color and light in tow.

The perfect gift for ultimate fan girls and the kids-at-heart! Don’t get fooled though, these adorable gems really serve their purpose. (Their Pantone mugs are the best!)



Walls make or break a room, let’s face it. Choosing Wallpaper Forum, therefore, is synonymous to making the right choice. Their massive catalog of absolutely stunning wall coverings and murals will leave you, and any other person, in awe. And, you’re bound to find something suited to your sense of style, whatever that may be.

This is one of my most favorite sites to visit even when I’m not planning on changing walls any time soon because it entertains me to no end. (You know, imagining I have enough room for all the wallpapers in my cart. Hey, a girl can dream!)



If you’ve been following Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, you’d know she recently replaced most of her home and kitchenware to copper. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with trends, you’d know this is something totally for keeps.

Yield is the seller of some of the best copper decor from Lights to Coffee Tables inspired by San Francisco’s beauty and chaos. That’s some deep level type of artistic vibe we’ve got going on, and something I wouldn’t miss for the world. The unbelievable quality of their furniture will leave you in awe, and craving for more – go on, you and you space deserve it.



They don’t have the prettiest website in the world, but not including this store here would be a disservice. Their shelves are everything. Honestly. They give you a great amount of storage and make a wonderful shelfie buddy for that next photo you just couldn’t wait to get a snap of. I could only wish to find them in my property someday soon. Not on the Highstreet is the answer to your every call.

PRO TIP: Do a little more digging to land exclusive finds!


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