The 10 Most Important Tomboy Bloggers You Should Be Following Quick, bookmark these!


Is it just me or do we never have enough tomboy bloggers around? Here’s to hoping this list at least expands by the end of the first half of 2017!

She Does Him

Allison takes your typical butch get-up and puts her own 360 spin on it. She is a sought-after stylist who’s currently based in Brooklyn and has garnered a growing following on all her social media accounts. Tumblr is home to her many style ventures.

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Emily Cocklin

Emily is a 21-year-old fashion blogger who works as a full-time graphic designer-slash-visual manager. She also likes showcasing her evolving love of photography on several platforms and blesses us all with her impeccable, yet effortless tomboy style.

everything was grey @allsaints

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Jayne M

Jayne is the owner of fashion blog Stop It Right Now. She’s made a name for herself by frequently uploading unique fashion finds that give the usual tomboy get-up a different edge, creating what embodies her brand and personal taste.

March issue of @voguejapan out tomorrow. 📷 @micafoto

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Aja Aguirre

Aja is the brains behind Fit for a Femme, also known as the blog for everyone who identifies as one. She wanted to be the change she wished to see in the world and at the time, there wasn’t one that focused solely on girls-who-like-girls. Thus, FFAF was born.

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Ashleigh Bingham

Bing created I Dream of Dapper with only one thing in mind: wearing men’s clothing does not make you more of a man and less of a woman – be boldly you. This is how this blog, of someone who identifies as female but likes dressing up in ties, button-ups, and dress shoes, came to be.

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Tomboy/Femme Style is a well-known photography blog of “elements of women’s fashion and menswear pulled together” by a girl named Justy. Besides that, though, we don’t know much about the creator nor the post-scheduling. Which, really, just adds more pizzazz to the already-mysterious, yet highly effective site.

Christina Caradona

Fashion model Christina Caradona gives life to famed Trop Rogue. In between shoots and selfie-taking sessions, she likes dedicating time curating blog posts on her latest and bravest fashion dips and dives.

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Caroline Elenowitz

Caro is the owner of formerly-active blog The Lingerie Lesbian. Technically, this is no longer updated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to it. Especially because there’s a horde of posts perfect for binge-reading. She also has her own luxury evening wear brand.

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The Handsome Butch isn’t your typical fashion blog. First and foremost, it gives invaluable advice to owning your handsomeness and styling guides about practical dressing codes. Being queer and stylish has never been this fun.

Bevin Branladingham

Bevin is a self-love enthusiast who likes blogging about body liberation, plus-sized fashion, sexuality, and having good old fun. She created her baby Queer Fat Femme to make the world a more welcoming place for those like her, and well, those who are not. You’ll quickly understand once you set foot on her page.

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