10 People on Their Most Honest New Year’s Resolutions Want to hear a naked truth?


When was the last time you were completely honest with yourself?

Since we’re going to be owning 2018 – this is a fact, let’s all strip down, sit back, and be completely, unforgivably honest. What is it you want to maybe start doing this year? Something you’d want to stop? What are your deepest secrets and what do you want to do with them?

Thought Catalog did all the asking for us, but feel free to leave your side of the story in the comments section, Mixers! We want to hear it. All of it.

“I’m going to practice saying yes to opportunities. Do things out of the norm that I wouldn’t usually do. I want 2018 to be a year of growth and adventure, and that starts by saying yes to things!”— Nora, 23

“Blocking my shitty ex and not running back to him whenever he promises me he’s changed. Because shocker, he never does.”— Mary, 23

“I’m going to try online dating. I actually haven’t ever been on a real date and as a 25 year old, this makes me feel so behind everyone else. I have an issue with putting myself out there, so the prospect of dating is Hellish to me. But I’m gonna take the first step to try and remedy that. Even if it’s with something as lame as downloading Tinder.”— Jess, 25

“I bought a one-way ticket to a city 2,000 miles away to start over.”— Elaine, 29

“I’m giving myself permission to fall in love again after my divorce. Even if it means I end up hurt…again. I’m giving myself a chance to find out what else exists out there.”— Derek, 28

“I’m letting go of my ex. I mean, I think I’ve let just his memory haunt me for so long, I’m almost sad to fully bury the idea of us. But I know I’m never going to really move forward until I allow myself to move on.”— Dylan, 25

“I want to work on my relationship with my dad. We’ve been pretty estranged since I was a teenager, but lately I’ve been reminded how fragile life is. It gives me a lot of anxiety and I’m terrified of him rejecting me or the woman I’ve become, but I owe it to both of us to work on it. He’s my only dad. I don’t want to look back and regret not trying.”— Elizabeth, 29

“I’m working out, but ditching the scale. I’ve been approaching fitness wrong and I think if I stop looking at myself as a work-in-progress that has to hit a specific number, I’m going to be much more successful with getting healthy.”— Dee, 24

“I want to cut down on drinking. I don’t like who I become when I’m drunk, way too impulsive and obnoxious. It’s not cute to be the woman in her late 20s still acting like she’s at a frat party. And it would be nice to not have monster hangovers.”— Luisa, 28

“I’ve been in a job that makes me super unhappy for a while now. I keep saying I’m going to look for other work, but years later, I’m still in something that feels soul sucking. Change is a thing I’ve always struggled with, so I know part of what holds me back is fear. But I’m so tired of the same monotonous routine. I’m sending my resume out in 2018.”— Alyssa, 31


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