12 Queer Fashion Stylers To Take Note From Here is our run-down of the 12 top queer fashion sites online.


Tomboy fashionistas and fashion brands have taken internet by storm with their well crafted fashions blogs.

Here is our run-down of the 12 top sites online.

1. DapperQ

DappeQ is the mac-daddy of queer fashion blogs. So, if you’re looking for affordable work bags (that don’t look like traditional purses), wondering how to rock your bow ties, blazers, or lace-up booties – then be sure to come here first.

Website: www.dapperq.com

2. But I’m a Tomboy

Menswear, androgynous wear and tomboy chic – these are the passions of Sunny, an art student from New York whose site also deals with non-fashion issues.

Website: www.but-im-a-tomboy.com


3. Brklyn Breed

Brklyn Breed is the brainchild of Tae, a photographer, blogger and entrepreneur with a serious thing for bracelets, bow ties, and other accessories.

Website: www.brklynbreed.tumblr.com & www.brklyn.bigcartel.com

4. Switch Teams

Never has someone looked so good with dyed blue hair. A beautiful blend of very personal work and more referential stuff.

Website: www.switchteams.tumblr.com


5. Qwear

Boston’s best LGBT style blog, Qwear began life in 2011. Founder Sonny Oram continues to wow the crowds with not only lovely images but enlightening op-eds and news reports.

Website: www.qwearfashion.com

6. Queering Style

Personal advice for LGBTS meets sartorial elegance. Alexa, who describes herself as “a queer with big hair”has used her Tumblr profile to promote her own sense of dapper style.

Website: www.queeringstyle.tumblr.com

7. Tomboy BKLYN

An intriguing “curated perspective” on the very best in unisex style, be it street threads or high-end designer-wear. This Tumblr is simply oozing with inspiration.

Website: www.tomboybklyn.tumblr.com


8. I Dream of Dapper

Ashleigh Bingham’s Tumblr profile is perhaps best known for its innovative “50 Days of Dapper”challenge which was an exhaustive analysis of the very best in unisex style.

Website: www.idreamofdapper.com

9. Dapper Tomboy

A blog is for all the tomboys out there, who are searching for clothes without looking in the men’s department .

Website: www.dappertomboy.com

10. The Reed

If you’re obsessed with all things related to tomboy fashion, The Reed is the place for you! While it’s not exclusively targeted toward girls who like girls, many lesbian and bisexual

Website: www.the-reed.com

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11. Fit for a Femme

This San Francisco-based blogger is fabulously feminine and ultra-chic. Worth the read, for any fashionista.

Website: www.fitforafemme.com

12. Tomboy/Femme Style

Need inspiration on how to rock your bow ties, blazers, lace-up booties, and beanies? Look to Tomboy/Femme Style for fresh ways to stand out from the crowd.

Website: www.tomboyfemme.com

13. The Handsome Butch

“You have the right to be handsome” Is the blogs motto and in that spirit, it dispenses invaluable fashion advice for other handsome folks. With style guides about practical handsomeness, gift advice, seasonal style, all things relating to suits, dapper haircut info, and more, I consider THB to be required reading for all handsome queers and the people who love them.

Website: www.thehandsomebutch.tumblr.com


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