The 15 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following To Discover New Tomboy Styles Tweet, tweet, comin’ through!


Twitter isn’t just a place for shabby 140-character rants. It’s also home to many a style discovery, especially in the butch-slash-femme-slash-queer category.

We’ve searched the nooks and crannies, and came up with a list of 15 of the top ones right now. Make sure you’re following them for the latest hits-and-misses, and then some.


Home to handsome apparel for women and transmen, Haute Butch tweets the occasional styling advice, classic fashion quotes, and aesthetic outfit photos.


Erin Eastburn is an NYC-based creative nerd who has a penchant for tomboy style. She tweets nonsensical instagrams and bomb-ass outfits.


A no-frills twitter account that just goes straight to the point: tomboy style at its finest; no words (or captions) needed.


Take style inspiration to the next level with a variety of choices from the numerous posts of Post Bad Tomboy. Fair warning: there may be emoji overload on this one.


Tweets Gender-queer clothes, ideas, stores, and all that good stuff.


Because we can never get enough of unisex style, high-end mixed with street fashion, and menswear designer clothing. But also because it’s Tomboy BKLYN, duh.


Dedicated to going against the grain, this twitter just doesn’t have enough followers! Tomboy Beauty is your style and inspo go-to, and should very well be on your timeline ASAP!


Libby Huber is your not-so-typical tomboy-next-door and we just couldn’t get enough of her. You’ll understand once you hit that follow button.


If you listen to their podcast, you’ll know this one straight off the bat. This is home to their funny tweets and even funnier retorts, but also to numerous retweets of great style stuff you otherwise wouldn’t be seeing on your timeline!


Follow her antics on and off the soccer field, one style hit at a time.


Because style just has no known limits. Two very different closets collide in one very humorous and time-consuming twitter account.


Classic tomboy get-ups from the eyes (and perspective) of the almost-famous Joe.


They make custom shirts and suits for Men and Women. They also tweet unbelievable style steals that’ll make you want to rush to your closet to replicate in their spare time. Win.


Kim loves photography and fashion. Apparently, she also likes combining the two. This results in some of the most aesthetically pleasing outfit and style photographs you will ever lay eyes on. You have been warned.


The twitter of the renowned style blog dedicated to breaking the barriers of gender-biased fashion. As you would expect, it’s full of empowering quotes, style steals, fashion inspiration, celebrity featurettes, and the occasional retweet.


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