4 Ways To Start The Year Off Right Not really goodbyes, just hellos.


People always talk about ending the year with a bang. Before I wrote this post, I realized (wow, 2017, thanks!) how few talk about actually starting and welcoming the year right – besides, of course, numerous New Year’s Resolutions posts (which, clearly, I’m also very guilty about).

Beginnings are just as fun; and if you finished off with either a boom or a flop, you can keep it up or turn it around – respectively.

There’s no such thing as too early or too late, but January 1st is definitely a start.

Make a list of all the dates you’re looking forward to this year

Your birthday, your mum’s birthday, Christmas, a concert, anything. Put any and all dates you’re excited about in a piece of paper, stick it in your fridge, and look at it whenever you’re having a slow one.

Get rid of stuff you no longer use

Purge. It’s like cleansing; although not only is it good for your body and well-being, but also your home and your surroundings. More space for the things you’re going to acquire this year, less clutter. And, you can give it away to people who might end up needing them more than you do. Win for everybody.

Thank the people you haven’t already, and again those you have

You might think you’ve thanked everyone you ought to, but surely, you haven’t. Make sure to let them know you’re grateful for their help getting you through the previous year, and that you’re looking forward to having them by your side all the same this new one. Make sure to also always be there for them every step of the way.

Forgive and start anew

Leave it all in the past. Easier said than done, I know – believe me, I know and I understand, but it’s always worth a shot. You can try forgiving people who’ve wronged you at a smaller scale, before moving onto people who have done maybe a few more things with a little more weight. What’s important is progress. A lighter heart, a lighter life. More importantly though, forgive yourself.


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