5 more Apps to Staying Fit Yep, we heard you!


Hey there, folks! I know you liked the first batch of apps, and boy am I delighted to deliver this next one to you.

Let’s get fit!


This wonderful relaxation library boasts more than a hundred unique yoga and meditation exercises with over 500 yoga poses, meditation videos in HD specifically curated by eight yoga experts, soothing music, and more! It also has a social community of fellow yoga enthusiasts ready to get the chat on about staying healthy without breaking a sweat!

Hey, it isn’t dubbed the Best Yoga App for nothing!


You don’t have to sacrifice a gruesome hour (or two!) to working out. Achieve your ultimate fitness goal, all while grabbing a drink with friends or playing charades with your family after! The app will give you five to seven-minute targeted workouts and uses your phone’s cam to measure if you’re able to follow the guides well.

We know you have a busy schedule, but no more excuses! Fitnet does all the adjusting for you.

Strava Running and Cycling | IOSANDROID

To the resident cyclist just waiting to pedal on, Strava is for you! It measures everything, and I mean everything, you could ever think of; from speed, elevation, and heart rate, to power, cadence, distance, and even calories burned! It then turns all of these dizzying numbers into graphs someone who’d just cycled for miles would easily understand. You can even join groups and clubs and post your most recent (or most impressive) stats!

Go get your sweat on, ranger!

Blogilates | IOSANDROID

Who doesn’t love Cassey Ho and her youtube videos? Well now, you get to take her and the rest of the bunch, anywhere you go! Choose specific body parts to enhance or series to follow, like her famous Victoria’s Secret one. The app even gives you the option to take everything to the next level with an online forum, a monthly workout calendar, and much, much more!

Classy, cool, and the best of Cassey!

Endomondo | IOSANDROID

Analyze your performance and get social! Cheer on and compete with your friends from all over the State and the world. Run, walk, or ride your bike to the ultimate finish line—or in this case, your finish line! Endomondo’s got it all for you, just name it.

Get ready to take fitness even further!


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