5 Easy Exercises for the Beginner in All of Us Getting in shape’s never been more easy!


Hitting the gym isn’t as undemanding as hitting the sack, especially when you’re no pro! So technically, it’s not an ideal choice for everyone. That’s why easy routines for all those who’ve yet to actually master the act of exercising are a godsend and to be quite honest, there’s just no arguing that fact.

These bad boys are so simple, even I’m able to do them – which says a lot, trust me. But more importantly, you need zero equipment and you can pretty much do these anywhere. So why not give them a try?

Time to get fit!

  1. Power Walk

OK, so I love how doable this exercise is. Not only is it something we regularly do anyway (which is walking, by the way), it’s also only a supercharged version that will give you endless benefits. Like burning a hundred calories for the average human! And you can do it anywhere, too, no matter the environment or weather! The key is in consistency. Do it at least 5 times a week with around 5 miles of walking, and you’re good to go!

  1. Stretches

I don’t think this needs much explaining. Stretching is easy enough for you to be able to do it several times per hour or even first thing in the morning when you get up, which makes it an ideal refresher for people on the go (but also of course, the couch potato). It reduces muscle tension, increases blood circulation, relaxes the body, and helps you move better! I could go on and on, but I’ve got some stretches to do.

  1. Squats

The freeform version (which is what we’ll be referring to in relation to this post) is just as beneficial as those that can be done in the gym with the help of weights. Contrary to popular belief, squatting doesn’t just train the thighs or leg area; it is a full-body exercise that also strengthens the bones. All the more reason to do it! Stretch your arms out, stand up straight, bend your knees, and smoothly do the exercise. 3 sets of 10 reps will do your routine justice, so don’t worry too much about feeling a surge of pain the next day! (And anyway, if you do, it’s the good kind, so don’t be alarmed.)

  1. Lunge

For even better stretches, go straight for the lunge. Lunging is a lower-body, core-strengthening exercise that gives focus to the hips and the butt, together with the quadriceps and hamstrings in the thighs. You have to be cautious with this one though, because if your knee goes past your big toe, it could trigger knee injuries and could make you susceptible to them. Step forward with your left foot and bend your knees, creating a 90-degree angle from your position on the floor. Change legs every so often and repeat. 10 reps is a good place to start!

  1. Cobra

This is a more chilled-out one, since it’s a variation of a yoga exercise, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hardcore enough to give you just a much benefits. This is a superb one for stretching your torso and relaxing the rest of your body. All you have to do is get in a pushup position on your stomach, but instead of doing a full-on pushup, you press into the ground with your hips while simultaneously raising your torso. Exhale and hold the position for 15 seconds.


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