5 Underrated TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend Quality TV’s never been this good.


It goes without saying that TV can sometimes get a tiny bit repetitive – if not thoroughly enjoyable. However, for every Stranger Things reference, there’s a hidden gem of a show just waiting to be discovered by the masses.

Lucifer | FOX


Just when you thought you’ve seen everything TV has to offer, you are met with Lucifer Morningstar: the actual devil (you’d think I was kidding), original fallen angel, wine-loving Casanova extraordinaire, owner of piano bar Lux in downtown Los Angeles, and civilian consultant for the LAPD. His charms seem to only bounce off Detective Chloe Decker, however, and he gets physically vulnerable when around her. I know right, WHAT?! This hilarious take on a DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint will leave you wanting more and more every episode; which, hey, might not really be a bad thing.

Currently on its 2nd season! (It’s getting better every single episode. It’s funny, it’s cop-themed, it’s hella accurate. Heaven and hell’s involved, no reason not to watch it!)

Stitchers | FREEFORM


If sci-fi is your thing, then Stitchers is taking things up a notch. Kirsten Clark, who suffers from temporal dysplasia (aka a fictional condition wherein a person has no sense of time), is recruited to the Stitchers Program. It is where they ‘stitch’ into the memories of deceased people to solve crimes and investigate their murders. The gang is all-parts relatable as we venture into the lives of secret covert operations and super genius young adults. (Plus all the basics: like shipping our faves – who may or may not have known each other since they were like, 10 or something; finding the truth about our lunatic parents maybe – IDK, the usual stuff.)

Renewed for a 3rd season! (Hell yeah. Because Camsten will still totally be an item and we just can’t get enough of Camille’s sassy retorts.)

iZombie | THE CW


Liv Moore’s life is perfect: medical resident, roomies with the best friend in the entire world, and the hottest fiancé. Literally, what more could she ask for? Well, things take a different turn when she attends a boat party where drug-induced, brain-eating people turn her into a living, breathing, (quite literally undead) Zombie. She now works at the King County Morgue where she survives via brains of murder victims. She balances out the favor of being fed free brains by helping Seattle PD Detective Clive solve these murders. Partly because she gets visions of what had happened to the deceased and temporarily adapts their random quirks, but mostly because she’s a good-natured zombie. Yep, they exist.

Renewed for a 3rd season! (It gets exciting, there’s even more zombies now. Also: Blaine may or may not be my favorite character of the entire show. In it for the villains.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | FOX


You’ve never lived if you’ve never seen an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s a comedic cop-show with the perfect sitcom ensemble and the newly appointed Captain Raymond Holt, who may have just about enough tricks and gags up his sleeve as well. It’s a marvelous pick-me-up after long, stressful days, and jokester Detective Jake Peralta gives you more than enough reasons to fall in love with his funny remarks and damn smooth sleuthing skills.

On its 4th season! (I couldn’t recommend this show enough! Literally one of the best ensembles I’ve seen for a show, alongside Big Bang and Friends – honestly, it’s that good! Do yourself a favor and watch it, watch it, watch it!)

Scream | MTV


A lot of mixed reviews here and there, but Scream remains self-aware and chillingly good like the original slasher film series of the same name. A serial killer wearing a very creepy mask starts a rampage and kills off Lakewood teens (and non-teens, alike!) one by one, sending heroine Emma Duval an eerie message. This could be in connection with the murders that happened in that very town just 20 years ago. Or not. In this modern take of a cult classic, you never know whether you’re the cat or the mouse – that’s what makes it exciting. As Noah stated in his award-winning monologue: everyone has secrets; everyone tells lies; everyone is fair game. Trust nothing.

Renewed for a 3rd season! (Also probably its final one – but worry not, because this will hopefully put an end to the murders and answer our questions about the killing spree of ’94.)



An elite team of FBI special agents solve cyber crimes with Dr. Avery Ryan as the deputy director. Also, by team, of course I meant super young black hat hackers turned white hat in lieu of a prison sentence. Unfortunately, it’s been cancelled after just 2 seasons – injustice! No reason why you couldn’t spend an entire weekend eating popcorn and solving crimes though – you know, cyber style.


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