50 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Do This Year Nothing’s easier and nothing feels better.


We all make New Year’s Resolutions we break every single year. Hey, who’s not guilty?

But the key to fulfilling them is by taking baby steps; making realistic ones, giving yourself time, and taking them on day-by-day.

Here are 50 resolutions you can actually do before the clock strikes 2019!

  1. To avoid being judgmental of other people, especially those whose lives and circumstances you’re not knowledgeable/aware of/about.
  2. To make more informed decisions.
  3. To educate yourself more and be less ignorant of issues you’re admittedly not familiar with.
  4. To be a better person to the people around you overall.
  5. To spread kindness and cheer every single day without expecting anything in return.
  6. To smile more and frown less.
  7. To be more honest about what you feel and open to new possibilities and opportunities.
  8. To devote more time to your loved ones and less on social media.
  9. To pursue your passion goals.
  10. To eat a tad healthier.
  11. To always say thank you.
  12. To do things you can and are able to right now, right away.
  13. To say yes when you know you want to.
  14. To say no when you know you don’t want to.
  15. To be the change you want to see in the world, no matter how big or how small.
  16. To celebrate the small, (maybe slightly) insignificant things you otherwise wouldn’t.
  17. To rejoice for the small victories.
  18. To call home a lot more often.
  19. To do a little bit of cleaning every day.
  20. To be grateful you are awake and alive today.
  21. To ask more questions.
  22. To drink more water.
  23. To live a little more.
  24. To be an advocate of positive affirmation.
  25. To procrastinate a little less every day.
  26. To know when risks are worth taking.
  27. To learn one new thing at least once a week.
  28. To apologize less for doing nothing wrong and more for doing something wrong.
  29. To be okay with waking up early when you need to and sleeping in when you don’t.
  30. To be distracted less, no matter what it is you’re doing.
  31. To stretch after getting out of bed every single time, even for just a few seconds.
  32. To love yourself a little more than you did a year before.
  33. To make the world a kinder, safer place for everyone.
  34. To move at your own pace, and not anybody else’s.
  35. To volunteer or donate to those who need it most.
  36. To say I love you a lot more to the people you love.
  37. To cut ties with people you no longer feel positively contribute to your life.
  38. To walk more, wherever it is you’re headed.
  39. To get an adequate amount of sleep more nights.
  40. To read more books, and watch more movies, and see more people.
  41. To create happiness, instead of chasing it.
  42. To evolve, and heal, and dream.
  43. To cherish, and love, and be.
  44. To know when to visit the doctor or the dentist.
  45. To save up a little more.
  46. To travel places far and wide, and to know that this is possible without splurging a load of cash.
  47. To make lists. Any list.
  48. To be okay with asking for help.
  49. To reflect every night.
  50. To respond to emails, and texts, and messages, and letters more. And to know when not to reply.

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