6 Tips to Bidding Seasonal Allergies Goodbye No more sniffin' sniffin'!


Aren’t seasonal allergies just the worst thing in the entire world? They come at you for and on a certain period of time, and leave you feeling like the rest of the earth just collapsed right above you. Again, the worst thing! So how can you beat these evil monsters? Here are a few remedies (you get to choose which one works best for you!)

1. Meds

What better way to combat these rotten creatures than the scientific route? Antihistamines usually work in less than an hour! They block your body’s response to allergies, and are almost always 100% effective. One thing to be aware of, though, is the fact that some of these drugs can cause drowsiness. You better read up before taking them during the middle of your big day.

You can also use a nasal spray for much more severe attacks. The con of this one though, is that it isn’t always instant. If anything, it usually takes a few days for them to work. They can also cause nosebleeds. So if you’re a faint at heart, this is not advisable.

And of course, prevention is always better than treatment. While allergy shots don’t always work as a perfect prevention strategy for fighting the bad boys, they help your body build up resistance to it. That being said, you might still get them this year but at least they won’t be as severe, which is the lesser of two evils.

2. Natural Remedies

Not everyone likes taking meds. So it isn’t always the go-to solution. For those of you wanting to take the natural remedy route, you may want to begin with a shrub called butterbur as it is said to give promising results in the allergy department. Meanwhile, licorice root raises your body’s level of naturally produced steroids, which will help loosen mucus and will make breathing easier.

While herbal medicine seem about as harmless as that kid next door, it’s better to still check with your doctor before giving them a go. You should proceed with caution.

3. Clean Your Home

Cleaning makes all the difference; this is something I can promise you. And hey, ain’t’ it timely! It’s called spring cleaning for a reason, sport. Something as little as being aware of your surroundings and shutting the window, for example, prevents pollen from getting in.

Use your air conditioner instead of the traditional fan. This might sound like it’ll cost you loads, but it’s better to relax with comfort and be allergy-free than to spend all your precious bucks on meds!

Take off your shoes. Ask your visitors to take off their shoes as well. Shoes take allergens with them, and if they’re left out of the house, they’re left out of your life, too!

4. Stop Smoking

If you’re a chain smoker, number one, why? Number two, please, please stop. Right now. Throw that in the bin, step away from the smoke. They make allergy symptoms worse. So do yourself a favor, and quit now.

5. Prevention

Take your meds early on. If this is something you’re used to experiencing every single year, then you best be ready before they even approach this time around. Taking meds as early as a week before they strike is sure to do the trick. Again, they might not fully prevent the attack, but at least you’ve got some resistance by your side.

6. Stay Indoors

Now’s definitely not the time to go hunting for your deer, or to go looking for some forbidden treasure. You can reschedule strenuous, outbound tasks for another day. Now’s the time to stray away from tiny pollen grains that may very well be the cause of your itch this year, which means totally locking yourself indoors! Only until after it’s safe for you to go head out, that is.


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