7 Thoughtful Gifts to Give This Valentine’s Day if You’re Tight on Budget No more spending thousands of dollars to get that priceless smile on your loved one's face!


Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time of the year for gift givers and receivers alike, feeling the joys of the season of love and making our dear ones happy. However, it can be stressful to those who are on a tight budget.

No need to fret, though – as we’ve compiled a list of 7 thoughtful gifts to give the SO if you’re on a very limited spending spree.

Forget chocolates, forget fancy bouquets, this is what we’re about. This is to proving that sometimes, the ones that are the least expensive are the ones that matter the most.


Who says scrapbooks are only for art geeks? Spread the love with a scrapbook made to perfection. Put your memories together, whether it be through pictures of your most recent trip or tickets to a movie you saw, and wrap it up in a neatly-made momento to show how much the receiving end of this gift means to you.

Baked Goods

We’re not all wizards in the kitchen, but it doesn’t take a Harry Potter to whip up some good ole’ baked recipes. Give them homemade low-fat Granola Bars in pretty packaging, a Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti whipped to impress, delicious-tasting Cinnamon Pancakes, and even adorable Cocoa Dusted Almonds. Let Google be your kitchen guide. Cook your way to your SO’s heart!

Homemade Cards

Homemade cards are very easy to make – yes, even if you’re a bit lacking in the arts (or creative) department! All you need to do is to let your imagination run wild while making sure the thoughtful side of you is still in check, and then create, create, create to your heart’s desire! V-day’s never been this fun!

Sugar or Bath Scrubs

For the more intimate side of your blossoming relationship, we suggest giving the SO something they’ll appreciate very dearly and treasure. Sugar and bath scrubs have been making rounds for however long now, and for good reason. You can easily make one on your own, maybe using this Lemon Sugar Scrub recipe, and then some.

Playlist or Mixtape

If the boyfriend or girlfriend just really loves music, then they’ll appreciate this way more than anything material. Curate a personal playlist or mixtape of songs that remind you of them, songs they like jamming to, all up to you. Online services now-a-days like Spotify or 8tracks make the job easier, and much more fun, and you don’t even have to spend a penny! If you’d rather opt for physical CDs though, then there are affordable ones at your local stores which you can burn and later give as a gift.

Coupon Book

If you’re feeling a little more mischievous, daring, and on-the-fun-side, then this is the way to go. Create a book of coupons which the receiver can redeem at the price of peeling and presenting. It can be of anything and everything from movie dates, to impromptu trips, and even running errands; go wild, child.

Personalized Item

If you’ve been paying attention, the receiving end of your gift is probably longing something specific for St. Valentine’s. Achieve the gift-giving star by personally designing or maybe even creating said item for them. Maybe a wool-knit sweater? Handmade coasters for their coffee cups? A poem? You know what it is; look it up and try making it for them. There is nothing more thoughtful than a gift that has been thought through!

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