7 Winter Essentials for Healthier Skin ‘Tis the season of . . . awfully cold, hopefully non-dry skin!


Oh, goodie! It’s finally December again, and #UnpopularOpinion coming through but, I love Winter! Everything about it, honestly; from the snow falling, to the cold weather, the warm blankets, and of course, the Holidays! You can never go wrong with gift giving and spreading cheer.

Much like any other season, however, Winter has its downsides. The top being: dry, irritated skin. Who likes that? That’s right, no one! So, we compiled a list of winter essentials that will keep your skin hydrated and looking oh-so-fab amidst the freezing winter weather.

  1. WATER

We know how hard it is to stay away from hot cocoa and coffee this time of the year. It is a solid excuse to indulge, after all. But what people often forget is that water is very important, most especially during Winter. This is mainly because we rely on artificial heat to warm us up (home heaters, hot drinks, the like), which can be dehydrating for both our body and skin. Drinking more water than you do other beverages help our system maintain the consistency of fluids and rejuvenates our skin ten times over. V cool, aye?


Heating systems are God-sent, we know. What many people don’t is the fact that it also takes humidity out of the air, which can take a toll on our skin. Purchasing a humidifier will do the overall house setting a favor by not only restoring a healthier environment, but also assuring we’re still not flaking out of our epidermis. Some brands also offer natural oil scents which will make your home smell of different wonderful things plus the ability to soothe headaches or respiratory problems. That’s a whole lot of win!

  1. SPF

Whoever started the myth about not needing sunscreen during winter time because it’s cold will have to sit down. SPF is important all-year-round, even if you’re covered up (or if you can hardly see the sun peeking out). Exposed skin, wherever that may be, will still need humongous help from our sunscreen buddies. There are lotions that already have SPF incorporated in them to make the job easier for you. Protect, protect, protect!


This is the holy grail of winter times (and all times, to be honest!). Do not forget to moisturize because this seals the dampness and moisture your skin needs. That being said, it’s especially important to do this right after you shower or wash to get all the goods in and ready to go. Be mindful of the type, though, and do your research. Your go-to moisturizer might have done you well during summertime, but seasons change. Do not forget your knees, elbows, hands, and feet! They get drier than most parts of your body, it’s actually really scary how we don’t pay as much attention to them. Chop, chop, and moisturize to your heart’s desire! (Don’t go overboard though, no one likes that.)


Your lips are just as important. Repeat 387584653985 times. Nobody likes chapped lips and they hurt like hell! Do not neglect your puckers and give them the love they need (and no, not in the form of kissing). Hydrate them with the perfect balm suited for the winter time and thank yourself (and this list) later for the reminder.


Dead skin cells block all that moisture-lovin’, slough them off at least once a week during winter time to let your skin absorb the healthy products you’re putting on. Find the best exfoliant for unruly skin at your local store and rejoice. Masks and body washes also vary, so keep that in mind.


Sometimes, moisturizing just ain’t enough. Especially if the wind’s being extra harsh today. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a variation of our beloved moisturizer, just of a different type. You know, for softer and smoother skin a hundred times over. The ideal way of applying would be after the rest of your skincare regimen. In other words, on top of everything else you put in your face. This locks in all the product which simply means your skin is being fed the right, healthy way.


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