8 Beauty Habits We May Have Gotten Wrong Scary stuff right here.


Not everyone may be aware, but we all have beauty routines. Whether it be you showering for two hours straight, or having an entire skincare regimen ready to be conquered every night, it’s a daily life staple.

I’m obsessive compulsive and while I may tend to overthink things, I’ve never thought about these types too much. However, growing up, I’ve come to realize their importance. (And not just because where I used to be invincible to germs, I now tend to breakout pretty easily.)

Here are some gross (and quite possibly harmful) things we’re honestly all just doing wrong.

  1. Using A Loofah

They’re godsend, I know. But aside from exfoliating the skin and freeing the bodily pores from any impurities, loofahs can also be dangerous when not replaced when their time is up. Over time, bacteria tends to grow from the humidity, leading to transfer and causing some nasty infections! Not cool!

So go hoard a bunch and replace good ole’ trusty when the time is right. It’ll do you good.

  1. Skipping Your Nightly Wash

No, we are not just talking about instances where you’re wearing makeup. (And if that’s the case, don’t you dare go to bed without getting rid of that.)

We’re also referring to lazy days where you spent the day in. This doesn’t get you free passes to skip washing your face for the night before heading on to bed. If you don’t cleanse, pores will clog (regardless if you have cosmetic products on or not), leading to congestion, leading to breakouts. Do yourself a favor and get your lazy ass to the bathroom.

  1. Obsessively Brushing Your Teeth

Honey, I’m all about hygiene, but you better not be washing your teeth six times a day. Or, at least, not after every single meal.

Hear me out. Our enamel is softened by the acidity of the food we consume, so if we brush our teeth before they’re given a chance to harden up, we’re stripping them off – which weakens our pearly whites and makes them prone to cavity.

  1. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Enough

There’s no such thing as overly clean makeup brushes. So go on and clean them every chance you get.

These things are breeding grounds for bacteria, excess gunk, and other gross stuff. So if we use them without cleaning them first, then our pores will absorb all the toxic elements I just mentioned and, well, you do the math.

  1. Removing Makeup

How you do it is what’s wrong. I know you’ve heard the good old proverb of using makeup wipes before washing your face. Because same. We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all done it that way. Makeup wipes, cleanse face, bed. Well, we’ve kind of been doing it wrong.

Unless you’re using a foolproof makeup remover (which depends on the person and their skin type), it’s pretty counterproductive to stick with the routine we’re used to. Instead, wash your entire face first before taking your wipes and using it to take off any lingering residue. Then bed. Seems silly, I know, but it’s much more effective this way. Trust me, been there.

  1. Applying Sunscreen First

And in another episode of What Else Did We Get Wrong?, we bring to you another surprising fact. We’ve all been doing it wrong with the whole sunscreen thing.

According to a Los Angeles MD, applying sunscreen before makeup actually does you no good because all other products applied on top of it disturbs its sunscreen film, leading to uneven coverage. Honestly, can you believe? So, the trick is to apply a thin layer on top of your makeup. This serves as the last step to your everyday routine before you hit the outside world. I’m just here sitting and going, WHAAAAAT.

  1. Not Moisturizing

If you have oily skin (aka, me), you probably think you don’t need to moisturize (or is that just me?). If that’s the case, then you’re completely wrong and missing out (yeah, just me, I’m guessing).

There are moisturizers formulated to keep the sebum at bay, contrary to popular belief. It’s just a matter of research. You won’t end up looking like a greasy hotdog in the hands of the right product.

  1. Washing Your Hands

Ever heard of the song Happy Birthday? If you have, then remember that whenever you’re washing your hands. And then remember it again.

To assure you’re doing to whole cleaning hand thing right, 20 (or more) seconds of hand-lathering needs to be in session. Water, soap, rinse ain’t that hard – try to remember that the next time you slush germs around and pretend to cleanse your hands for show (aka that time you literally took 5 seconds and then called it quits).


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