8 Tomboy Fashion Blogs To Follow For Everyday Outfit Inspiration The style bloggers you may not be following yet but should add to your radar.


1 Qwear

Need inspiration on how to rock your crop of bow ties, blazers, lace-up booties, and beanies? Look to Boston based Qwear (founded by Sonny Oram) for fresh ways to stand out from the crowd

Website: www.qwearfashion.com

2. The Reed

Formerly know as Tomboy Style, The Reed is an online destination that combines regularly added editorial with a shop that supplies all the clothing and accessories you’ll need.  Content includes posts on must-own tomboy fashion pieces, tributes to tomboy film icons, and interviews, all of which drip with personality and tomboy flair.

Website: www.the-reed.com

Tomboy KC

Tomboy KC is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Katie Cassidy aka Laurel Lance on Arrow. Cassidy started Tomboy KC with her Dallas-based best friend Lynsey Eaton in September 2013. The name was inspired by the actress’s penchant for menswear-inspired dressing.

Website: www.tomboykc.com

4. Jayne Min

Jayne Min is an LA based fashion blogger with a penchant for sneakers, skinny jeans and leather jackets – the ultimate off-duty outfit. Her blog, Stop It Right Now, has become the digital destination for all.

Website: www.stopitrightnow.com

5. DapperQ

If you’re looking for affordable work bags (that don’t look like traditional purses), wondering how to wear ties crafted from recycled wood, or are a femme-leaning lesbian who wants to delve into the world of menswear, dapperQ is the answer to your prayers!

Website: www.dapperq.com

6. The Handsome Butch

If I could reach through my computer screen, I’d borrow everything The Handsome Butch wears. Literally everything.

With style guides about practical handsomeness, gift advice, seasonal style, all things relating to suits, dapper haircut info, and more, I consider THB to be required reading for all handsome queers and the people who love them.

Website: www.thehandsomebutch.tumblr.com

7. DapperPenniless

Curated by Doreen P, DapperPenniless is a space where fashion, lifestyle and photography meet.

“When I step out the door, I know that I look smart and stylish…even on a budget. As a queer woman of color, I like my clothing to represent my confidence and individuality… “

Website: www.dapperpenniless.com

8. Man Repeller

Man Repeller. A humorous website for serious fashion — a microphone for women, if you will.

Website: www.manrepeller.com


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