8 Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves There’s really no need to sacrifice style for warmth!


Who says you have to freeze your butt off to remain fashionable? Slay and stay comfortably warm! Here are 8 winter wardrobe must-haves for the everyday girl-on-the-go!


We open this post with my favorite type of clothing item. Cashmeres (along with the rest of the sweater fam) are the best because they’re very versatile and can easily go with any bottom, shoes, hairstyle, event, and sometimes even season (if, of course, you choose the right type).


Instantly feel like you’re in a James Bond movie and opt for classic looking coats. Or, make a statement and wear proud and loud colors to pull your otherwise bland outfit together. Pick a side, any side.


Trudge through snow like it’s the Victoria’s Secret runway – in timeless sense of style. Knee-high booties, ankle booties, take your pick. For as long as they save you the hassle of dealing with obnoxiously dry, tight feet later on. Yes, please!

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New in: winter chic

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Jeans, jeggings, leggings, decide for yourself. What look are you going for today? Make sure your legs are snug by doing it a solid and throwing a pair of skinnies right before you layer to your heart’s content.

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Adventure time

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One of the most valuable basics you can invest in. They’re very easy to style and can be worn with literally anything. Dress it up, dress it down, all up to you and your agenda for the day. Pair it with classic blue jeans or even that high-waisted skirt to experiment both ends.



Not necessarily your typical snapback, but that can do, too! Fedoras make any ensemble look put together, so while that may not be your go-to winter essential, a consideration might be a tad fair. Wool beanies not only make you cozy, but also a hell lot cuter. You call the shots!

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Is it even actually winter if you don’t have your scarves on the top drawer? Blanket wraps are my go-to simply because you can just throw them on and still look (effortlessly, if only to re-emphasize) chic. Also, they’re very comfortable to wear around. Bingo!

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When you’re feeling a little edgy, go for the leather. There are days when you know you’re about to rock the world in ways you never once have; put on that red lipstick, layer your favorite leather jacket on top, and sport that bad girl vibe without catching a cold.

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On point….

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For more options, check out our store – bonus points for this super cute Christmas sweater and these adorable socks. But, also: mittens!


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