Autumn Essentials: The Bomber Jackets The most hardworking piece you’ll buy this year


I absolutely adore autumn time, I love those days when it’s sunny but slightly chilly, I love that the comfy jumpers come out to play, that everything becomes pumpkin or cinnamon flavoured and I love that if you want to have a bit of an inside day it’s totally fine and you don’t feel pressured to leave your house and be with the people.

It’s not quite cold enough to bring out the heavy artillery winter coat in autumn time, but it’s also definitely not warm enough to go without, and therefore my first ‘must have’ if you will for any Tomboy autumn wardrobe is the bomber jacket.

This snug fitting, slightly padded coat is a winner.

TS11B52KBRG_Zoom_M_1 (1)


Combining it with a decent pair of brogues or loafers will smarten up your look…

brogues collage

… where as teaming your bomber with a comfy pair of trainers will obviously make your look more casual.

trainers collage

My final essential for your ‘not-quite-winter-but-summer-is-long-gone’ wardrobe is a dark fedora to keep your wee head warm.

Usually made of felt or a thicker, woolly material, these hats are great for the following:

Hat collage

So there you have it folks, hardly revolutionary stuff but provides a little insight nonetheless into what I’ll be wearing this autumn.



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