Becoming A Tomboy Fashionista Learn the tricks of the trade to being a tomboy-styler


Tomboy style is perfect for that girl or woman who isn’t into the “pink princess” style. It is the style to experiment with and have fun all while being comfortable in your image and your clothes.

The key is to find the right balance of femininity and masculinity in the clothes you choose and making sure they are comfortable for your specific body shape.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t look very chic and sexy while doing it! Kitsch Kandy has the perfect clothes for you to pull off your tomboy style and make you a tomboy fashionista.


First, let’s talk accessories. If you are rocking the tomboy clothing, the perfect way to make your style a little more feminine is to add a bit of jewelry such as earrings or a necklace. However, to make your tomboy style stand out a bit, add a tie or a hat.

Playing around with ties can be a lot of fun. You can show only part of it, wear it loosely or you can even choose a chunky more colourful tie to break up a plain coloured button up shirt. For hats, choose something vintage that adds a sense of wealth and power to your masculine look. 

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Tomboy tops can range anywhere from the perfect cropped tee or tank to button up shirts. Kitsch Kandy’s tops come in such a wide range of colours, images, and styles that finding your ideal one is easy. You can experiment with different patterns, and pockets.

If you go with a pocketed shirt, such as Kitsch Kandy’s Bleached Denim Long Sleeve Casual Shirt  you can create the illusion of a less busty chest. You can even go so far as to leave out part of your button up shirt and tuck in the rest to give a sense of relaxation and comfort.


Also consider Kitsch Kandy’s trench coat over the button up or even the t-shirt, no matter the pattern, to add even more style to your tomboy look. Long coats are a frequent staple of the tomboy look. They add both masculine and feminine attributes to your outfit by outlining your silhouette for femininity and being a bit bulky for the masculine look.

Jeans are the traditional tomboy go-to for pants. You can go skinny or baggy here. Kitsch Kandy has the jeans you want for your look with slim fit, stretch, and even high waist options. Another option is Kitsch Kandy’s drawstring joggers.


This can help to change you body style a bit to fit your look. Don’t be afraid to go athletic if that’s your style. You can create a great tomboy look with the right athletic pants and a t-shirt or even a jersey. Also, you can turn a skirt into a tomboy-chic detail within your outfit, just pair it with the right t-shirt or tank and some sneakers.


What makes this trend key to pull off, aside from crazy swag, is incorporating the pieces into your wardrobe in the most thoughtful way. No, you cannot just throw on some men’s pants and think it’ll look good.

But maybe that crisp button up with your high waisted jeans is the look. And of course, always start with the shoes and accessories. Go to Kitsch Kandy and start putting together your sexy, chic and empowering tomboy look, and become the fashionista that you aspire to be!


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