The Best of This Week’s Kitsch Kandy Sale! Just in time for V-day!


You’ve seen the nooks and crannies of our store, but every once in a while, a hidden piece of gem slips through the cracks and goes unnoticed. Well, pro-tip: the best place to look for unparalleled items is the Sale section.

Go crazy, wildcat.

Get cleanser and closer to nature with these herbal soaps, which are made from pure palm oil and naturally unrefined herbs.

On sale for only $2.50.

An adorable shirt with triple the comfiness in 3 neutral shades. I’d collect them all, honestly.

On sale for only $16.00.

We may not have room décor pieces on stock right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re no longer Queens of Home Improvement. This Bloom & Grow flowerpot is the perfect room adornment. Prop it on your window sill or desk.

On sale for only $3.00.

Do I even need to explain why we just need this in our closets?!

On sale for only $25.00.

Get that faux leather fix in the form of these classy, yet still very edgy Chelsea boots. And for a discounted price, too. Yes, please!

On sale for only $45.00.

The weather may be a tad cold, but these tanks weren’t only made for the summer season! Especially when they’re perfect for layering, too! So get that bold feel with this even bolder print and rock the streets!

On sale for only $24.00.

Listen. This is the stuff of dreams. It smells heavenly and is vastly therapeutic! It gives the best health benefits and has the most delicate scent, hand-crafted to absolute perfection. I’m just gonna go buy a hundred now, thanks.

On sale for only $2.50.

This black fedora may be simple, but there’s nothing simple in the pool of stylish outfits it can seal. Also, there’s just nothing quite like feeling velvet under your fingertips. You’ll understand why soon enough; so purchase one now!

On sale for only $14.00.

Show your loved one how much they mean to you by purchasing this beautifully crafted Rose Gold ring. Insanely affordable and hella sweet, if you ask me!

On sale for only $4.00.

Feeling a little adventurous? Add a touch of pattern to your otherwise plain combo and go for the gold with this Striped Canvas Backpack. Works with any and everything, trust me on this one.

On sale for only $17.50.

Good through 14/02/2017 take 15% off all orders at Kitsch Kandy with the code CUPID15.



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