Billie Eilish Talks Isolation, Disconnection And Hopes For the Future


In a recent podcast episode with Telekom Electronic Beats, Billie Eilish spoke about social distancing, the power of “no” and using social media responsibly.

With half the world currently in lockdown, under restriction or practising social distancing, the five-time Grammy Award winner is enjoying taking time out for herself.

“I’m good being alone, like, I like being alone… I haven’t had this time off since like I was like 12, so yeah, it’s crazy.”

As well as discussing the current climate, in the 25-minute conversation, Billie also shares her hopes for the future.

“I think animals should be treated better, I wish people didn’t eat them. I wish, you know, people didn’t, there are a million things, I wish people would stop using so much plastic, I wish global warming would actually be serious to people more instead of, oh who cares, you know.”

Listen to the full podcast episode with Billie Eilish below and subscribe to the series here.


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