Blurring the Lines of Fashion Male Stars in Skirts and New Unisex Lines


When Riccardo Tisci cast Lea T in the Fall 2010 Givenchy campaign, it was shocking. Six years later, transgender casting is basically part of the natural ebb and flow of the fashion seasons, not to mention unlikely to raise any eyebrows.

Many big name brands have little fealty to the idea that “male” or “female” are meaningful categories, and that attitude, which is still pretty far ahead of the curve, has trickled down into an industry-wide embrace of a gender-blurred aesthetic.


The movement to blur the boundaries of style in regards to clothing for men and women is sweeping the fashion world. Designers and retailers such as Zara, Nicola Formichetti, Rad Hourani and Spencer Badu have all chosen to follow suit with the social movement towards greater acceptance of different lifestyles and ideas, and have decided to design clothes that speak to the movement.


Spencer Badu feels that there are no rules when it comes to his designs. He is focused on challenging the notions of the past, and wants to create a unisex brand that emphasizes comfort in the clothing. He also wants to be able to appeal to those that would never consider unisex clothing.

However, the movement doesn’t stop at the runway, as stars and celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Jaden Smith have all shown.

h1gddhpdhbxs8apzpnxicglwfjz9f4h4yo2nk7igzp5kbanobifw9guvqddktfz0The fresh movement toward blurry lines in style is comparable to the movement seen after the 1920’s change in women’s rights, when style changes created more masculine looking females and clothing in it’s wake. 07UNBUTTONED---WEB-facebookJumbo

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