Coachella 2016: The Most Fashionable Festival On Earth What happens when music meets fashion?


In 1993, the epic band Pearl Jam decided to tell Ticketmaster exactly where they could stick their venues, if you’ll pardon the French, and chose to hold a huge concert at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. From this was born what we all know as Coachella, or Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, held every April.


Coachella is what can happen when the power of music combines with fashion. It is the epicenter of that collision. Because of this undeniable power, Coachella is the place for girls, guys, and celebrities alike to go and spot the fashion trends that will set the stage for the summer. But what is Coachella fashion?


Just like the art and music that are put on display at the festival, Coachella fashion can mean something different to everyone. It’s all about individuality. It’s easy and comfortable and it makes a statement. It provides the wearer the ability to not look exactly like everyone else.

It should allow you to move easily and feel good in extreme heat. It should equal sexy meets sophisticated in that it should allow the wearer to be noticed out on the desert grounds without having to show too much skin. While the boho chic look does just those things, it is not the only look dominating Coachella.

Kitsch Kandy wants to help you find your perfect Coachella fashion piece so that you can be unique all summer long.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect standout tank, tee, or accessory for your Coachella style, I promise, no one else will have your thunder.

With images that depict true emotion and the words to describe you, Kitsch Kandy has your Coachella fashion covered

Tanks are the perfect summer piece. Sophistication meets sexy. Kitsch Kandy’s tanks stand out from all the rest. Check out the Bound tank or the Golden Child tank. Pair that tank with your favorite cut-offs or slim fit jeans and you’re ready to rock out in the desert.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.38.42

Kitsch Kandy has you covered on your slim fit jeans as well. Whether you want sophisticated dark denim or a more fun, rugged ripped jeans look, you got it. Don’t forget your staple accessory to make your outfit even more unique.

Check out Kitsch Kandy’s selection of hats and bags that will make you stand out from the conventional.


Take a look at the Black Drawstring Backpack or the Red Buckle Backpack. I love the brown Raw-Edged Fedora or the black Wide-Brim Boater Hat to give you extra spunk and personality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 08.57.41

Whatever you choose to rock for this Coachella season, rock individuality, rock uniqueness, and rock Kitsch Kandy.


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