Double Duty: Transitional Style Hacks How to transition summer pieces into fall


Don’t pack away your summer pieces just yet! With just a few simple styling tricks you can turn your favourite warm-weather basics into fall comfort.

Layer your tees

First up, go back to basics. After rejuvenating your T-shirt collection for summer, it’d be a shame to hide it away with copious layers when, actually, it’s simple to keep the core piece at the forefront of your ‘fit.

Forget wearing a jacket, and instead layer a tank over the top to give your getup a grungy feel in simple, lightweight form.



The slick outer layer

Arguably one of the most underestimated pieces in your wardrobe, the bomber jacket comes into its own in the autumn months. While, of course, its ability to keep you dry is its most desirable feature, the lightweight nature of the jacket allows you to layer appropriately for whatever the weather has in store.

On crisper days, stick a sweatshirt or hoodie underneath for a bulkier feel or, if the late-September sunshine is still offering substantial heat, keep things light and fresh with a simple tee.


Embrace the bag

Not only does a decent backpack act as a stylish extension to your outfit, but, in the transitional months, it’s also a handy vessel for your extra layers. So to avoid getting stuck suffering a sweaty situation on the commute or while out and about, opt for fewer layers initially and choose a pocket-heavy rucksack to house extra bits of kit, just in case.

twelveofour-jil-sander-esque-layered-boxy-tomboy-img_3632 dsc4362-lowres

It’s time to add a scarf

A fun scarf, beanie or belt are your best friends when transitioning your wardrobe into fall. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go the full hog with gloves and scarf, too, though – you can keep everything else lightweight and late summery, and simply drape a scarf around your shoulders for a stylishly snug finish.



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