Essentials This Spring Some things are just necessary in order for invention and reinvention!


Speaker, conference organizer, author, and toy-maker Roger von Oech stated, “Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father.”

This is a man that understands that in order to foster creativity and invention, you must first have a necessity and fun.

Kitsch Kandy has created some essential Spring must haves that will allow you to reinvent yourself as an individual. These necessities will not only enable you to reinvent yourself through your wardrobe, but also throughout your home.

Our Spring necessities are edgy, fun and hip for the fashionista with any aspiration. Invention of the self, plus these Spring necessities, equals a funner, happier new you.

With Kitsch Kandy’s fun, edgy t-shirts that scream springtime and individuality, to bags that will blend fashionably with just about any outfit you want to invent, you will have all the necessities you need in order to rebirth your Spring wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.37.48

You can go from a pretty Spring day picnic to a night out with your group in a matter of seconds, if you have all of the right pieces from Kitsch Kandy.

For the day, try a pastel t-shirt with a bold message and a pair of khaki shorts, capris, or jeans.  Dress it up at night with our Loose-Fit Trench Coat and a stylish Fedora.

T-shirt not really your thing? Try one of our many fashionable tanks with bold, lush images displaying deep emotion instead. You can dress it up at night in the same way.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.37.41

Don’t forget a bag to carry all that swag. We have several different bags that will go with however you decide to express your inner diva. 

Now let’s talk about necessities to reinvent your home. Whether it’s lighting you want, to provide just the right sense of ambience in your home, or art to show off the new you, we have it.

They have lighting solutions that range from Vegas Lights all the way to floor lamps and desk lamps in designs that have been created with the individuality you crave.


We also have art decor pieces that will draw the fashionista out of the most timid with in your face uniqueness that you have to have to shout, this is my space, this is me.

Does your sofa need some feng shui? Kitsch Kandy has you covered with pillows that define you.

Remember friends, while necessity may be the mother of invention, PLAY is the father. So get your necessities, and then go play your games, whatever they might be, your way.


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