The Five Youtube Personalities That Have The Best Tutorials on Tomboy Fashion Binge-watch these ladies tonight and get the best styling tips!


Ari Fitz

Of course, homegirl Ari is number one on the list. Not only does she dedicate an entire channel on her looks, tips, tutorials, and tricks, she’s also very interactive with her fans – answering questions and comments whenever she can. You can also find her here for more personal videos (and funnier ones, too!).

Keeleyn Thomas

More commonly known as memekeeley, her videos range from life updates to beauty vlogs and even style hacks. But her favorite ones to make and upload? Tomboy lookbooks! Find any and all inspiration you may need from her channel; come for the tutorials and maybe stay for the personality. She’s a very lovely soul.

Ambers Closet

The channel that uploads everything you never thought you needed and keeps you clicking for more. Ambers Closet gives you incredible content on a very consistent schedule and what’s great is that she has impeccable style and stud to seal the package. We’re sold, you’re sold, head on over and watch to your heart’s content.

Girls N Boxers

A new channel in the biz that has some hidden gems under its belt. Just went live July last year, Girls N Boxers is all about owning the tomboy style in different ways. On a budget? No problem! In a hurry? They’ve got you covered. Looking for a particular style? Sure thing! Their catalog isn’t as extensive as other ones on the list here, but they’re slowly and surely making their way to the top.


Relatable advice and quality content is what this channel is all about. Beyond the laughter and jokes, though, Shannon takes fashion seriously. There’s never a dull (or unstylish) moment here, and you’ll get used to feeling like cozying up to her every single time you watch what she uploads. T-M-I all day, it’s like you have your best friend right at your disposal 24/7; from styling hacks to your most kept secrets.


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