HauteButch: by and for butches, studs and tomboy’s. Finally, Self-Identifying Clothing


Specialising in design driven masculine apparel for women and trans* men, HauteButch is a fashion, footwear and lifestyle brand.

Karen Roberts, co-founder of the fashion line HauteButch recently told 429Magazine that anyone can be butch if they say they are, and yet there are others that rebuke labels at all. She said that HauteButch is more an attitude or way of life that speaks to an individual’s sense of self.


Finally, a clothing line that speaks to the individual person. We totally agree with Karen, forget the labels!

HauteButch’s goal is to push beyond the boundaries of fashion trends and illuminate diversity. They maintain liberation from the typical “socially accepted fashion” by creating a new standard that will take all you fashionistas/fashionistos from the runway, to the boardroom, and follows you all the way into the streets. You choose the message, you externally express who you are inside to the world!


Karen is now driven by the impact that she knows HauteButch can have on herself and her partner, as well as you, the individual.

Even though at one point, she felt that she had to always be fearless and protective of her ego, and that all vulnerability was a weakness.

If I am honest within myself about my feelings, celebrate my imperfections, admit my wrongdoing, cry when I’m sad, and love others to the fullest, I get the gift of authenticity.”


Kitsch Kandy wants to join HauteButch in embracing the wardrobe and the spirit of masculine identified women. 

Their apparel consists of military inspired jackets, tuxedo and dress shirts, accessories, undies and our very own capsule collection of footwear.


You’ve got to go check out the HauteButch Greyson Lace-Up Canvas Derby shoes! They’re stunning canvas trainers with closed lacing, fabric linings, insoles and rubber soles. They look super comfy and I love the two toned- heather and dark gull grey canvas and red laces!

Also, take a look at the HauteButch “Lozen” Tuxedo Skytops. The detail on these babies is amazing. I love the black canvas, with the ivory white and smoky gray tuxedo styling.

They are super easy to get on and off and they come with the Hautebutch logo on the back quarter heel, so you can rock a brand you love!


Gender-fluid underwear is awesome! What woman could turn down the comfort of some boxers or boxer briefs? Not me!

That’s why I love HauteButch’s line of boxer briefs. You can go with short or long length, according to your own comfort and style, and they come in a variety of colors. I love the HauteButch Red Boxer Briefs, short style.

The comfortable and luxurious cotton/elastane blend allows for movement, while gracefully hugging your body for the best fit.


That’s not all though. Don’t forget to check out HauteButch’s tees, shirts, hats and other accessories at  https://www.kitschkandy.com/collections/hautebutch.

HauteButch is a fierce fashion and lifestyle brand offering a one stop shop for butch + tomboy women to shop their unique style.

Designed by and for butches, studs and tomboy’s. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!


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