Hello, Sunshine! Gone are the dark days of winter, let us brighten our day a little, shall we?


As pop-star Adele sings, the dark days are over! Winter is over and Spring is here.

We all know what comes with Spring, right? Sunshine, of course! And with it, everything is renewed and re-birthed.

While the sun and pretty weather gives us a sense of refreshment and renewal, it can’t give our clothes and our home decor the same feeling. Only we can do that. We all know that after winter ends, all that lies in our closets are dark colors, heavy clothes and dread.

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The dread of cleaning those closets out and putting our spring and summer clothes in. Kitsch Kandy says it doesn’t have to be this way.

How about some fresh, light pastels to bring some of that “sunshine” into your wardrobe? Kitsch Kandy has them. Not only do they have them, but they used them to create some very hip t-shirts that will allow you to rebirth and renew your image.

Whose image doesn’t need fresh life after three months of winter? What do you want your new image to shout about? What do you want to proclaim? There are so many tees to choose from, you can rebirth yourself in whatever way your heart desires, sunshine! As one of my personal favorite tees from Kitsch Kandy expresses, “Making Magic.” So make the right choice for you.


But why stop there? Your space needs some sunshine, too! Brighten up the dark spots with some of Kitsch Kandy’s edgy, bright, home decor pieces.

Who knew art could be hip and bright? I love the Vegas Light pieces. They truly do shine light on the subject of revamping your home kamagra oral jelly online bestellen! You really can go “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with art pieces that will transform your space into your own personal version of Oz.

There is even a piece that reminds you to “always be yourself, unless you’re a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” Put some flowers in your space to brighten it up a bit, and while you’re at it, use Kitsch Kandy’s edgy flowerpot to remind yourself to always bloom and grow in your own individuality.

You haven’t experienced pastels in all there glory until you’ve proudly displayed your own Kitsch Kandy George Nelson ‘Sunburst’ Clock.  


While we’re refreshing your wardrobe, your image, and your space, let’s refresh your mind and body as well.

How do we shine some sunlight on a bit of dry skin and a foggy mind, you ask? We turn to Kitsch Kandy’s Aromatherapy Herbal Soaps.

Choose your own favorite scent and rub it onto one of Kitsch Kandy’s special Loofah Scrubs, creating your getaway to your own sunny Oz. See you in the light, Sunshine!


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