How to Distress Denim Quit stressing over distressing!


You don’t need to waste money on overly expensive distressed items; that would not only be ironic, it would also be a tad tragic.

Distress them yourself and create classics, girl! You came to the right place, because we’re not making you go through loads of tutorials that’ll end up confusing you in the end.

We’re teaching you, together with Levi’s, the easiest, most effective way to get it done in a nick of time.

Materials needed:

  • Denim, duh
  • Scissors
  • Sand Paper
  • Knife (be careful with this!)
  • Pencil
  • Lighter


Alright, so there are two methods to go about this. (I would suggest doing a mix of both to achieve the perfect distressed look.)

Method 1: Slash and Shred!

Or, as I’d like to call it, cut and crap.

Cut parts of the denim you want cut, and slash those you want slashed. And then sandpaper the crap out of them. Repeat the process as desired.

Best thing about this is that you get to direct. You choose what parts you want distressed, and those you want to leave alone.


Method 2: Worn to Perfection!

I don’t have a witty name for this, but it is pretty fun so don’t skip!

You need only the sandpaper and some of that strength to get the work done here. No cutting, no slashing, just shredding and spreading.

Sandpaper the parts you want torn (sort of) to get that perfect worn-out aesthetic we’re going for. The white threads serve as an indicator. If and when you see them, then you’ve done your job well.

Welcome to the distressed club!

Here’s a video on the process, if my instructions made you feel woozy.

TIP: Don’t forget to throw your new piece in the washer to finalize the entire look! It makes a world of difference.


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