Huge Trends to Look Out For This 2017 From riveting hues to pointy soles!


The fashion world is going to be insanely ridiculous this year, at least according to predictions. If that has you a bit worried and on edge, don’t fret, because they say it’s the good kind of ridiculous. I mean, we don’t make the rules, but who’s complaining, really?

And if you want to get ahead of the fashion curve, you came to the right place because we’ve got all the deets!

Posh Pajamas and Modern Suiting

If you’ve seen your fave celebs sport some ravishing ternos, then you’ve been paying attention! From red carpet pantsuits ala Evan Rachel Wood to silk retail therapy pajamas ala Selena Gomez, it’s all about the details, the glitz, and the glam. This is exquisite simplicity at its very finest, with a feminine touch and a whole lot of freedom.

Sleek Utility

This is like the nudes collection we’re all lusting over, but upgraded by a notch because we’re including different hues of bold green to the line. Utilitarian wares that are crisp, clean, and crafted to hug silhouettes with elevated shapes and streamlined cuts.

Cool Victorian

An edgy spin on the otherwise old-world-esque vibe, the cool Victorian trend is the dream of every history buff personified. Corsets, high-neck blouses, military-inspired trims mixed with tough accents, statement boots, and prominent patterns for a look that serves centuries.

V-Neck and Pointed Shoes

Adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any look, pointed shoes and v-neck soles both take home the throne as the next footwear sensation. Whether it be in the form of comfy flats or five-inch pumps, these soldiers are ready for combat.

Striking Red

We already talked about 2017 being the year of redemption for all of us. This is just the metaphorical cherry on top. There’s nothing quite like screaming in color – literally – and making a proud and punchy declaration. From brave trenches to daring stockings, red is your color and this is your year.


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