Inspiration for Industrial Style Offices Be inspired by raw, fresh, mechanical ingenuity and style


Industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces.

Who doesn’t love the idea of returning to an era when manufacturing was in the middle of its renaissance. Let’s take a journey to a renewed appreciation for raw and unfinished interiors.

The first thing you can do to transform an office using industrial style details is to choose spaces that have a historic past. You don’t have to look any further than your local downtown area to find a warehouse, barn or other manufacturing facility to revitalize and turn into your own industrial style office space.

In the industrial era, it was common to see metals and other such products used in plumbing, fixtures, and as a structural base. Today, gain your inspiration from brushed nickel, copper and other cast iron metals when creating your industrial style office. The more the better! Use them in the detail and in the structure of your office space. Kitsch Kandy has the perfect piece for your industrial style office, no matter what kind of detail you might want to add. Read on for some great pieces to go in your new office.

People love to see the mechanics behind a piece of lighting, or other fixture. Show it to them! This will add to the appeal of your industrial style space. If you can find a desk with wheels that you can lock or lighting that displays the bulb as the main feature, go for it!


Take a look at the Cage Pendant Lamp from Kitsch Kandy which displays the lightbulb in the center.

Also take a look at Kitsch Kandy’s Copper Lampholder Fitting w/ Hook, it’s the perfect piece to show the mechanics of your lighting. I also love the Gatsby Pendant Light for this purpose. You can achieve this with your seating, as well. Take a look at the Nashville Swivel Stool, which features a clean, aesthetic design.

Another great idea is to blend modern and/or retro details with your industrial pieces. Go for modern cabinets, but find some that are made with sleek stainless steel. Pendant lighting is also awesome for combining styles.


It gives off a retro flare while retaining the industrial structure that you love. Kitsch Kandy has the perfect pendant lights for your industrial style office. I love the Dish Pendant Lamp for the retro look and the Dome Pendant Light for a more sophisticated industrialized look. For going more modern and industrialized, you will want the Jielde Style Desk Lamp in your workspace, not only for its design, but also for its flexibility and functionality.  

Bring an artistic flair to your interiors with expressive artwork. The industrial style office is the perfect space for typography. Use pieces with bold lettering on a brick wall to make a statement. Abstract pieces would also be perfect to go on a beautiful, sleek industrial style canvas.


Look at the Somewhere Over the Rainbow or the LIFE Manifesto artwork. It’s also a great idea to use repurposed pieces on your walls as art. You have got to add the Wire Buffalo Skull or the Wire Dear Skull to your industrial style décor for your office!

However you decide to design your industrial style office, go big, go bold, and go you.


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