Interior Colour Trends – Monochrome Not sure what the perfect colour scheme for your home might be?


If you’re having trouble trying to decide what colours to go with when decorating any room of your home, you might want to try something simple, elegant, and timeless. The monochrome colour scheme is just that. This colour scheme will do several things for you.

brick-monochrome (1)

First of all, it will ensure that all of the different components that you choose to go into your room will all fit together. You can use the scheme as your unifying element. Just be sure that all of the undertones (other colours you might use that would pop against the black and white) mesh with the monochrome scheme.

Also, a monochrome colour scheme will have a relaxing effect in whatever room you might choose to use it in. It is so simple, that the brain doesn’t have to work as hard to take in the room. You can use it in your office, which can be an extremely stressful room in your home. Another smart tip is to use it in a bathroom in order to create a relaxing environment to unwind in at the end of the day.


Lastly, people will notice the patterns that you choose more-so than they would in a room where you’ve got a ton of eye popping colours going on. You can have a lot of fun with different geometric patterns in a monochromatic room. You can play up any shapes or patterns that you love, which is a big plus, because you can add some personality to your rooms!

That’s exactly what Kitsch Kandy loves about the monochrome colour scheme! We know that you can use it to tell your story, all while being timeless and elegant!

No matter what kind of story you want to tell, Kitsch Kandy has all those little details to make it a classic.

If it’s furniture you’re looking for, look know further. Check out the Black ‘Xavier’ Vintage Chair, the Black Wire ‘DSW’ Chair, or the Black ‘Tolix’ Stool. These staple pieces would look perfect in your monochromatic dining room or office.


We even have cushions for your sofa or bed that will add nice touches to your palette.

Check out the ‘Good Vibes’ Cushion, and the Love Cushion. We even have cushions that will add to the undertones within your monochromatic room.

Check out the Navy or Lemon Abstract Dot Cushions, or the ‘Be Awesome’ Cushion.


I also love some of the smaller, table top and pieces for your wall that Kitsch Kandy offers to add design and shape to your monochrome colour schemed spaces.

Check out the Retro Flip Clock Calendar, the ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ Framed Artwork, the 1970s Classic Retro Phone, and one of my personal faves, the Black or White ‘Hang it All’ Coat Rack.


There are literally so many staple pieces that Kitsch Kandy has to make your monochrome colour scheme rock out for you, that it would be impossible to mention them all!

So head on over to Kitsch Kandy and start planning your trip into elegance and simplicity.


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