Kristen Stewart Slays Chanel’s ‘Paris In Rome’ Ad Campaign


WOW! Kristen Stewart is showing off a whole different vibe for her a new campaign for Chanel.

The campaign, titled Paris in Rome, was shot by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld and is slated to debut in June magazines.


Of shooting with the German fashion designer, Stewart said to WWD:

Karl never turns me into something I’m not. But like all good directors, he is capable of bringing qualities out of people that are sometimes not as obvious to them.


Karl directs photo shoots and always provides an environment for a story to unfold. And the way that occurs is very natural. But always under his guidance, which is felt and inspiring. It’s never labor intensive because that is against the nature of spontaneous art.


Stewart added that of all the times she has collaborated with Karl, she named this campaign her “favorite’.

Wearing the [Metiers d’Art] clothes from the [fashion] show was my favorite experience yet working on campaign shoots with Chanel. The set was so complete and transportive. The clothes within that environment came to life.


The 82-year-old fashion designer commented:

[Stewart] is an actress and she is very actress-like, which I love. This a photo of an actress of a period which does not exist any longer, the kind of movies they don’t make anymore and [Stewart] got it naturally.”

She is a real personality. I don’t compare her to any other actress and she is really modern, whatever that means. And I think that she is perfect for the Chanel image of today.

He added:

[Stewart] knows us, she knows my whole team so that makes a big difference. For me, working with people I really know is no problem. There is no questioning, there is no drama. We are used to each other so things come naturally.

The campaign was shot in a Parisian apartment, which Lagerfeld had decorated with Art Deco furniture by Louis Süe and André Mare.

Paris in Rome’ marks the latest project in a string of collaborations between Stewart and Lagerfeld.


Previously, Stewart starred in a 2013 Metiers d’Art campaign for Chanel and has also appeared in campaigns for the brand’s eyewear, its 11.12 handbag collection and an eye makeup line, among others.


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