Lena Dunham Is Hosting a Fashion Contest for LGBTQ Teens The prize is an all-expense-paid trip to NYC.


For most of us, clothes are one of the most effective and immediate ways to portray our true selves.

Lena Dunham new HBO documentary Suited – which debuts next month – makes this very clear.

Following five LGBTQ-identified clients of the bespoke tailoring company Bindle & KeepSuited explores just how important clothes can be to a person.


Now in partnership with HBO, Dunham is planning to give three lucky LGBTQ teens (and a friend) a bespoke suit and an all-expense-paid trip to New York City to meet the team behind the film. Plus, $5,000 will be donated to a charity in your name.

On the competition, Dunham said in a statement,

As producers on this film we learned so much about the transformative power of fashion to cement a sense of identity, but it wasn’t until we had our own Bindle & Keep suits made that we fully understood. We wish we could share this experience with every person struggling in their skin, and we know the contest winners will experience the same sigh of relief we all did when stepping into clothes that are made with more than gender in mind.”


Rae Tutera, a transgender tailor from Bindle & Keep, added

Young people are vulnerable — especially because they’re coming of age during these bathroom bills and the general backlash against trans/gender non-conforming rights. I think it’s critical to be reminded at an early age that their identities are valued and for them to know many of us are fighting for a world where they can grow up and be their fullest, most real selves.”

To have a shot at the prize, entry is simple: upload a one- to two-minute video on GetSuitedHBO.com about fashion and identity.



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