Meet The Tomboy Tarts, Southeast Asia’s Coolest Dresses Meet the team of cool, passionate tomboy gals who can tell our lipsticks from our brogues at the drop of our fedora hat.


Meet the team of cool, passionate tomboy gals who can tell our lipsticks from our brogues at the drop of our fedora hat.

Based in Malaysia and Singapore, Persis and Raven co-founded Tomboy Tarts, a lifestyle site in Asia for women celebrating the classic tomboy spirit, and home to Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s biggest and only all-female comedy chat podcast.

From comedy, fashion, travel and lifestyle to media and technology, Tomboy Tarts provides a smart, witty and well-curated collection of stories, appealing to the new cool woman of today.

Why do you start Tomboy Tarts?

Persis: We’re bringing back the real meaning of tomboy; something more than just women wearing men’s clothing . We’re talking about the woman who dared being something else other than what society expected her to be.

Raven: The kind of woman that classic tomboy greats like Katherine Hepburn, Annie Lennox, Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich and Amelia Earhart embodied.

To us, these  women oozed courage, beauty, adventure, geek and style while straddling their girly and boyish sides effortlessly and  breaking all the rules of the game. And that is how Tomboy Tarts came about.

Persis: It’s our playful and cheeky way of saying tomboys are fun, chic and cool chicks!

What is Tomboy Tirade?

Raven:  Tomboy Tirade is a is a no-holds comedy chat podcast with a whole lot of geek and humour thrown into every episode. It’s also Asia’s biggest and only all-female comedy chat podcast.

Persis: And it’s pronounced at Tee-rahd, the way we like to say it!  The first episode was produced in June 2013 to a small audience of supportive friends and family. Over the next year, the creatively quirky funny podcast has become Asia’s biggest, all-female English comedy chat podcast.

Raven:  We have a stand up comedian Joanna  and a TV producer Siti joining me and Persis this year. So there are four of us now and it’s a riot!

Persis: Tomboy Tirade is not your typical petite Asian girl next door podcast show. It can get pretty curvy, loud and opinionated as we break down the world’s trendiest topics of the moment in a fun and dramatic way.

Unlike most podcast shows that will send you to the ‘Sleep Zone’, Tomboy Tirade is produced like a half hour situational comedy TV show with thematic storylines, breaks and jingles between chat segments.

Raven: It’s banter overdosed on caffeine, yo!


Why do you start Tomboy Tirade?

Raven:  We realized there is a lack of of Asian Women representation in podcasting and we decided to create our own comedy podcast to make ourselves heard and promote our site. It has taken a life of its own since!

Persis: Over the years, we have featured a variety of guests from scientist and co-host of Finding Bigfoot, Ranae Holland, professional footballer Tameka Butt, sword fighter and actress Samantha Swords,  established and upcoming comedians from Asian and beyond like Ginni Saraswati, Aditi Mittal and Jenny Yang, and many more.

What is tomboy style to you?

Raven: Like our diverse personalities, Tomboy fashion covers a wide range of styles. But being a tomboy has always been more than just fashionable. Even the best clothes can only show the top layer of your wonderful personality. It still needs a woman under it, along with the certain insolence, to complete the whole look.



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