Neutral Fashion Tones: Welcoming Spring In All Its Pale Glory Taking on the natural: this season it’s all about cool, soft, and warm.


Neutrals have a sleekness factor of about infinity. Today, a color can be called a neutral based on how well that color blends with others.

They match all colors and color combinations. They are the basis of your wardrobe, and they are a necessity for a woman who loves classic clothing styles and wants to look simple and elegant. So, what’s so hip about neutrals other than the facts that they are trend-proof and infinitely flexible?

This year, designers have decided that it’s time to disconnect. They want us to take a break from all of the busy, technology driven chaos that consumes us and focus on nature and just standing still. This is obvious in the color scheme and design of the latest fashions that are gracing stores this Spring.

Recently, designer and musical icon Kanye West did a huge show for his line, YEEZY Season.


Season 3 is evolved in that West used a more creative array of fabrics, styles and colors. However, West left the distressing, oversized silhouettes and muted tones-staples of YEEZY Season-intact. More than 20 million people tuned in to watch a livestream of the clothing line. So, what does that tell you about the popularity of neutral colored designs this season?

The main thing going on with color and fashion this season, is that designers are using colors that are calming and peaceful and combining them with ones that are bold and playful, according to the Pantone Fashion Color Institute.

Kitsch Kandy wants to help you be ready for this season with their Spring fashion favorites that combines all those colors, and gives you the option to choose your favorites.

Whether it’s pastels that you want, or graphic images displayed in tone neutral colors, you can find the right Spring piece to fit your personality at

Some of my favorite choices are the pastel t-shirts with messages to emote how your feeling and the tanks, which display images of some of your deepest emotions through artful, graphic images.

All of these pieces follow the tone neutral color scheme of this season.


Another favorite are the transitional jackets available from Kitsch Kandy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bomber or trench jacket, you can find it here in your favorite neutral color.

We have created fashion in colors that will fit your image perfectly, no matter what your race or preference in clothing may be.

So go on to, take a break from your busier, technology based, cell phone induced, migraine creating lifestyle. Focus on what nature, and your heart’s desires tell you for a bit. Find your perfect neutral tone, and rock it!


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