Pops of colour: Try this Colourful fashion Trend


This season to give your self an extra pickup, and try a flash of colour.

This fall, we’ve noticed a certain bright, bold colour that has potential to replace the ubiquitous millennial pink: safety orange.

We first spotted the blinding brightness in Tom Ford’s collection on a sporty, glossy tracksuit that stood out from the rest of the range’s more elegant neutral tones.

Then came a high-necked dress at Calvin Klein, a bodycon and bralette at Chromat, a slinky tank at Sies Marjan and, of course, at Rihanna’s Fenty Puma, the latter of which leaned into the colour and leaned into it hard.

So wear this colour this fall, along with layers on layers, and combine it jackets, with sweaters, hoodies, and more.

Adding accessories such as a hat, purse, scarf, or a pair of shaded to complete the full look. Either way staying warm and stylish is important. 


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