Where do you stand on Lesbian Fashion? Are you more of a butch dresser or a tomboy chic?


A lot of people generalize the idea of lesbian fashion. I know how frustrating it can get to be stereotyped. It’s important to know your aces well before putting the cards down and setting things straight though, that’s why we pretty much did all the work for you.

If you don’t know where you stand on Lesbian Fashion, then you’ve come to the right place.

Are you a sneakers and loafers type of person—the usual trainers and sandals? Do you like wearing loose, comfortable clothing and button downs? Cargo trousers, joggers, and shorts? The occasional skinnies? Pull-overs? Tight-fitting blazers? Are you more of a lazy dresser overall?

Then you are leaning more on tomboy chic: menswear with feminine touches, rough around the edges and undone yet perfect the way you like it.

Are you a combat boots and shined-up shoes type of person? Slacks and heavy cargo pants sound like bingo! to you? Hoodies, loose-fitting shirts and jerseys of teams you actually support on Sundays? Are coat and tie combinations your thing? Tucked in long-sleeved button downs and vests? Sporting the homeboy look with chambray and jeans?

Then you are a butch dresser: simply menswear, All-Americano, Ralph Lauren-esque poise seven days of the week.

Or are there days when you mix the two? Maybe play and switch out the pieces? A true born with eye for both styles? Let us know over at #KitschKandy!

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