Style Focus: Masculine Coats This is the 21st Century, of course we can wear masculine coats!


If you don’t live in the tropics, then you probably have some sort of coat in your wardrobe. And chances are, a masculine coat isn’t it – or, you know, one of them. Luckily, we’ve decided to feature them here today because they just don’t get enough love in the market, OK? They’re so underrated it actually kind of hurts.

To give you an overview (and if you didn’t already know!), Masculine Coats are just like your typical trenches, only, they’re much more lax. For one, they don’t usually come with belts. They typically have masculine-inspired tailoring and can often be oversized without looking sleazy; this is because they have classic cuts designed to work with virtually any ensemble.

Basically, they’re a no-frills clothing item that’s structured for comfort, but also built for style. Talk about an investment piece you can never go wrong with!

Here are some top-tier choices this season:

  1. Masculine Structured Coat by Mango

Comes in off-white and black, this classy coat has a structured design that makes purchasing it both a want and a need. An ideal choice for layering, the straight cut and snap closure gives you a sense of security without restricting your hustle.

  1. Masculine Coat by Zara

Make a loud fashion statement by wearing a lapel, sky blue coat tailored to perfection in the most undone and stylish way. This Zara piece is perfect for long days, rainy nights, and even crazier dawns.

  1. Double Breasted Wool Coat by Kitsch Kandy

The ultimate tomboy coat comes in the form of this wool-blend and classic, masculine-cut fashion staple. Crafted to keep you all snuggled up and ready to go, this double breasted overcoat is all you will ever be needing in your closet.


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