The Secrets of Accessorizing The most basic outfit can be a hit...


Did you know that a t-shirt and a pair of jeans can be fashion forward? Did you realize that a sweatshirt and a pair of sweats can be trendy? If you didn’t, I’m hear to teach you that they CAN! How?

It’s not a designer brand name, the aid of a stylist, or a never ending wardrobe budget. Simply put, it’s the secrets of accessorizing that makes even the most drab outfit look like a class act.


The skill of accessorizing can separate the most dramatic outfits from what you might consider a total snooze fest. Once you’ve got it down, you’ll always look great in whatever you wear. The best part?

Kitsch Kandy has the accessories that you need to make a grand entrance this summer, and we want to show you how to work them into your favorite outfit!

The first secret: be careful with proportions. f you’re wearing an outfit that is bulkier, scale back on the accessories. Instead of a bulkier bag, go with a sleeker, smaller one.

I love the khaki backpack from Kitsch Kandy! If you’re wearing something sleeker, you can go a little bigger and bolder with a chunky bright necklace or a big, bright handbag.

Check out Kitsch Kandy’s red buckle backpack and add a trendy hat, like this black wide-brim fedora.


This leads me to the next secret: the more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Amazing outfits are all about balance.

Accessories can add complexity and interest to a plain look, balancing everything out.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, materials, and pops of colour. If your outfit is black and white, black and grey, or in one of those colour schemes, create a pop of color with jewelry, a scarf, a handbag, or a hat.

We all know that in this day and time, what you put together doesn’t have to match colour-wise, but they do have to mesh -think similar color families (warm colors or cool colors).

I love the pops of colour provided by Kitsch Kandy in both the geometric print backpack and the floral print backpack.


By that same token, if your outfit is full of bright colours, go with accessories in the black, grey, and even tan family to play it down a bit.

You can still play with fun shapes and textures. I love Kitsch Kandy’s bulky canvas travel bag. I also love the black wide-brim boater hat, for a hat that you don’t see everyday!

The last secret is the most important and the most fun: use accessories that convey a part of your personality. When you buy accessories, go for pieces that you’re attracted to.

Go to Kitsch Kandy and start accessorizing, you’ll bring even your most drab outfit to fab in no time flat.


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