Things to Buy that Will Make Your Kitchen More Grown Up How can you go from chaos and disarray in your kitchen to modern and sleek?


The truth is, you DON’T need to completely re-map your entire kitchen just to give it a sophisticated, updated, more grown up vibe. All you need are a few key DETAIL changes – these can make all the difference.

Kitsch Kandy can help with several of those small, inexpensive changes that will make you feel as though you have a brand new kitchen.

One thing you can do is to update your hardware. This can completely revamp the look and style of your cabinets, drawers, and sinks.

Next, you can paint your kitchen a lighter color. This will create a fresh feeling in your kitchen and make it feel as though you have ample light coming in, even if you only have small windows to work with (not to mention covering those ugly scratches on your walls or maybe even on your cabinetry, if you want to update those colors as well).


You can also change your lighting. No, I don’t mean go in and rewire your kitchen. Kitsch Kandy has some beautiful choices for lamps and hanging lights that will make any kitchen space look more grown up and sophisticated.

For ceiling lights, take a look at the Cage Pendant Lamp, the Gatsby Pendant Light, The Dome Pendant Light, or my personal fave, the Dish Pendant Light (I love to go retro!).


If you want to go with some stylish floor lamps, try the Achille Castiglioni Arc Floor LampThis would be perfect in an open corner of your kitchen.

If you really want a fresh, modern take, try a Vegas Light on your wall. The Love Vegas Light would look great in a white kitchen!


Another tip is to use some artwork to give the illusion of a bigger kitchen. Go for art pieces that are unique.

Kitsch Kandy has some perfect options for art that would enhance any kitchen. I love the idea of trying the above mentioned Star Vegas Light on a white wall, with the Achille Castiglioni Arc Floor Lamp in a corner and mounting on the wall the white Wire Buffalo Skull and the LIFE Manifesto Framed Poster.


The white color scheme and the careful placement of these unique pieces could really do wonders for a kitchen that needs an uplift!

Lastly, if you have the room, why not create or style up your breakfast nook? The key here is choosing the right furniture, and details to provide for the style you’re going for.

Keeping with the white kitchen idea, try going for stools versus your more antiquated chairs for a more modern vibe.

I love Kitsch Kandy’s stool choices including my favorite, the Nashville Swivel Stool. Pair a few of these with a small round or square table and a stylish centerpiece for a gorgeous, modern nook!


My most important piece of advice: Go big, or don’t go at all.

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices. The details that you could use to up style your kitchen are endless, but you need to choose the ones that make it YOUR kitchen, not Chef Ramsay’s! Go on over to Kitsch Kandy and have fun!


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