Things Women Who Hate Shopping Understand How did this look so good on the hanger?


In the world full of shopaholics, there are a few people out there who actually hate shopping for clothes. I’m one of them.

I’ve never liked shopping for clothing for fun. If I’m looking for books, random knick-
knacks, or am on any convention floor I could stay for days. But clothing? Different story.

I don’t like to idly go through clothing racks, I don’t enjoy window shopping, and I don’t try anything on unless I am planning on purchasing it. I go in, find what I need, and get out.

And there are so many of us who hate shopping or who would rather shop online.

Here are some of our tips to make shopping more bearable.

Pre-Shop Online: Hate going into a store but need to try something on? Look at what stores have in stock online so that you know exactly what stores you need to go to.

Buy Online: If you are okay with returning things that don’t fit, then go ahead and order online!

This option isn’t the most convenient for everyone, especially those who have to go to the post office to pick up packages as many apartment buildings don’t have a place to accept them. But if you can swing it, do it!

Make a Plan: If you MUST go into a store, then plan ahead. Go early, especially if you’re going on a weekend. Also, if you’re going to a large store or any department store, it’s worth checking online to see if there is a crazy sale or promotion going on.

Sales are better for your wallet, but it does mean that way more people will be there too!

Buy from the Same Stores: That way you know your size. Also, once you find something you like, buy it in different colors! I always get my jeans from Levis because I know my size there and only have to try on one or two pairs to find jeans that fit.

Once I find the jeans I want, I usually try to grab two different washes. Then I’m usually set for almost a year before I need new jeans again!

Hit Up Social Media: Not finding what you want in brick-and-mortar stores and websites? Follow your favourite. Online store on Instagram and other social media!

Many shops will give discount codes to their social media followers.


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