Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know Shop, drop, and roll!


I’m gonna be honest real quick. I’ve never been one to shop at bazaars or thrift and vintage stores, but that was before discovering its wonders.

They are truly a magical place. You can find rare pieces you really wouldn’t score anywhere else; from military jackets to classy and floppy hats, you name it!

Staying sanitary, hygienic, and safe, though, goes a long way when it comes to these stalls.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best of your next shopping spree.


When buying jewelry and hats, make sure to disinfect them before use.

For jewelry: This is done by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. You can also change the hooks altogether. There are cheap ones in Michaels – worth every penny!

For hats: Wipe the insides with a disinfecting wipe and spray with disinfecting spray afterwards. Leave it in the sun to dry for a few hours. This is sure to get rid of any underlying bacteria or smell.

Make the best out of hunting and shopping by going to places where wealthy people live.

Flea markets and vintage stores in, say, Beverly Hills, will give you the best experience. People who get rid of stuff they bought for hundreds of dollars, you will get for less than ten. And half the time, they’re in mint condition. Designer stuff for a couple dollars? I am so in!

Get gel insole liners for pre-owned shoes.

Insert them after you’ve disinfected the entire thing with the wipes and spray you got for your jewelry and hats awhile back. This way, you’re sure your feet are safe from any lingering germs and you have new stepping bottoms.

Wash clothes effectively to get rid of any microbes and for good-smelling new items.

Okay, this is a toughie for everyone because we often mix the wrong combination of laundry detergent and fabric softener, resulting to funky smelling clothes or sometimes even totally non-clean ones! Yikes! However, mixing Tide with Downy is a sure fire way to not only clean the entirety of your newly purchased pieces, but also have them smell of fresh rose petals and spring – all year round!

Here’s a video to give you in-depth instructions on how the actual washing process is done, plus a few more tips on your spree. Bonus points for Kandee’s awesome haul!

You can also check out Tide’s website for a ton more Laundry tips!


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