Top 5 Apps To Staying Fit Let’s use our phones for something much more traditional, shall we?


Let me just get this out there: I am an app junkie; a big, big tech geek. Almost everyone who knows me is aware of this. And now, so are you!

While not a lot of people get the deal with having a shit ton of apps you probably wouldn’t be using after downloading today, I’m always willing to educate those who are willing to learn. I’m not going to delve into jailbreaking for my sisters over at iOS, or rooting for my brothers over at Android; I will, however, start with the basics.

That is: apps, apps, apps, galore!

To narrow down the spectrum of applications, we’ll focus on those dedicated to helping you stay fit. (Because we’re into a healthy lifestyle like that!)

Now, I know how lazy my ass can get most of the time, and I don’t love exercising as much as I love customizing both my home and lock screen, but these are fun little ones that will spice out your usual workout routine.

Also, a bit of a disclaimer: this list is in no way definitive. (As in: you may prefer other apps, you might think there are better ones out there, etc. Please be nice!)

Zombies, Run! | IOS  – ANDROID


This is a personal favorite! I’m not a fan of zombies, if I’m being honest. It’s not their decaying bodies or anything, nothing too personal; I’m just not into them like other people are. This game-slash-fitness essential, however, makes it way to number one simply because of the mechanics. Save the world from the impending zombie apocalypse, make a run for it—literally!—and carry out your mission like the true hero you are.

Jogging’s never been this fun!



This is the ultimate travel buddy – at least for me! You just choose the type of exercise you’re planning on doing for a selected period of time (anywhere from five minutes to an hour) and Sworkit provides you with a personalized video and your very own trainer.

How much more fancy can this get?! This is especially perfect when you’ve got no equipment with you and the gym’s just a bit too far. (We totally understand!)

Spotify Running | IOSANDROID


For the music lovers! This is an extension of an app we know you already have on your phone(s) (because same!), so it’s not much of a stretch. What many people don’t know, though, is that Spotify has a running feature perfect for when you’re getting your cardio on. It measures your pace and picks a song with the perfect beats per minute.

You’ll never have to worry about feeling sleepy and lazy after hearing a slow tune ever again!

Nike+ Training Club | IOSANDROID


Get top-notch training without having to leave the comforts of your home by the likes of Serena Williams, Rory Mcllroy, Ellie Goulding, and Kevin Hart in Nike’s most personal training plan yet. All the motivation and expertise you could ever need, right at your fingertips.

In true Nike fashion, you are getting better with the best!



Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if we had a Yelp exclusively for the adventurers-at-heart? Well, wonder no more! Yonder is the Yelp of outdoor explorers. Let the app know where you are and leave the rest of the work of finding you dozens of suggestions for biking, kayaking, hiking, and much, much more with reviews and tips from both locals and tourists alike.

Get out there, sport!


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