Typography Interiors We Love What is the perfect way to rock your individual decor style?


Calling all poets, storytellers, and creative souls. I want you to fall in love with a new term that is going to change the way you think of home decor forever.

What is it? Typography interiors. If you love using words to express yourself, this is the way to go when you want to make your space all about you.

Why? The combination of words and a visual medium is powerful. Your canvas can be any part of your home you want to individualize.


Who needs some good vibes for their couch? Get a “Good Vibes” cushion from Kitsch Kandy and let your negativity go. Cushions with typography on them is a great way to transform your bed or your sofa into a poet’s paradise. What vibes do you want to send? Your imagination is your only limit.


Let your mind and your art pieces take you “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” with this rainbow lettered art piece from Kitsch Kandy. What better way to say something or invigorate a feeling than to place it on the wall for everyone to see?

When talking about typography, this unique piece entitled, “LIFE Manifesto” from Kitsch Kandy could not be left out. This framed piece of art with words tells the story of life and how your passions should tell your story. It should be on the wall of any soul longing to find a deeper meaning. Isn’t that all of us?


Feeling “Crazy in Love?” Tell the world with a Light Box from Kitsch Kandy. Typography in the bedroom is a great way to tell that someone special that they are always on the forefront of your mind. Also, these lights will provide the perfect tone for your romantic encounter.


Most importantly, use typography in your decorating scheme in order to make your space your home. I love this “Home” Vegas Light from Kitsch Kandy. Remember, you are the poet and the storyteller for your space, do it and yourself proud. Tell an UNFORGETTABLE story.


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