Unisex Jewelry Why you should put a new kind of ring on it...


Gucci just recently announced that its runway shows will no longer be segregated by gender. Alessandro Michele, the label’s creative director, is known for playing with gender norms on the runway. He puts details that many would say belong on women’s clothing on to men’s shirts including lurex, ruffles and pussycat bows.

Unisex dressing allows for both genders to enjoy an array of styles and colors that allows guys and girls to dress in the way that reflects them. Unisex styling allows brands to test a number of products so that they can see what may work well in one gender versus another or to maintain it within a combined line.

Unisex trends allow an equalization in fashion that means that certain colors and styles are not designated by sex. It is something that has been seen within an array of brands but within luxury it allows those companies to pinpoint who their customer is a bit better whether it’s within apparel, shoes and additional accessories. This will no doubt continue to be within the lexicon of brands as the interest in having this will continue to gain steam.


It’s no surprise at all that the jewellery choices being made by today’s woman is quite similar to what a man would want. We’re talking chains, sovereigns, and signet rings.

Soko was recently seen at the Cannes for her new film The Dancer. She was wearing a double knuckle duster avec pink stones, going for a more tough girl look and reflecting an heir of masculinity. Way to rock it girl!

Grime star Skepta has a cameo medallion is the perfect combo of feminine and masculine characteristics in a necklace. The chain and the medallion itself seem to be masculine in texture and size, however the silhouette in the center shares a hint of femininity.

London-based boutique Goodhood creates clean, no-fuss signets and ornate sovereigns just like Siobhan Bell’s popular rings. Put a new kind of ring on it, baby.


Nameplate necklaces and initialed lockets are huge today on not just the guys, but on the girls as well. They provide for an individualistic, proud masculine look that anyone would want in order to help vibe on some confidence.

Kitsch Kandy has the unisex accessories that you’re looking for to make your outfit stand out in the most individualized ways.

From watches, to hats, to bags, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for to get your outfit ahead of the game and into 2016 where genderfluid everything is all the rage.

Whether you’re looking to rock a little more femininity, or a little more masculinity, you can come home to Kitsch Kandy to find your perfect balance.

Not the balance that’s right for everyone else, but the balance that’s right for you. Come rock out with us. Your wardrobe and your accessories closet will love you more for it, and when you’re rocking what you love, your rocking confidence!

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