The Ups and Downs of a Coffee Lover’s Life Let's get a few health-related issues straight here.


Good ole’ buddy coffee. This is a friend to almost everybody from morning joggers, to cafe writers, to up-all-nighters. But what does coffee really do to our bodies? And are we being cautious of the amount we intake every single time we make ourselves a cup and down it?

I’ll be sharing some of coffee’s greatest pros, cons, myths, and how it affects one’s health.


The Pros: Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

  1. Coffee protects your body. The drink has a ton—and I mean a ton!—of antioxidants. They act as guards to help your body fight against free radicals. Like a puma!
  2. Coffee also protects your brains. It’s not only acting as a warrior fighting bad bacteria, but also bad vibes. Coffee lowers the risk of dementia, and because of high caffeine levels in your blood, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Coffee brightens your mood. This little powerful drink right here helps fight depression and lowers the risk of suicide by 50% by just drinking two cups a day. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and boosts the production of neurotransmitters which elevates your mood.
  4. Coffee can help you burn fat. Because coffee boosts your metabolic rate by approximately 5%, it helps you burn those little babies.
  5. Coffee improves memory and cognition. Coffee can develop cognitive function as we age. It also helps retain information better.
  6. Coffee helps you stay focused. Moderate caffeine intake improves your mental alertness. Drinking approximately two to three cups a day gives you that overall awake feeling for the entire day.
  7. Coffee reduces risk of Diabetes 2. According to the estimation of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three Americans (most especially come year 2050) is affected by this disease. The substance doing all the magic here is called chlorogenic acid which slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream, therefore lowering the risk of developing diabetes by about 35%.

The Cons: Risks of Coffee Drinking

  1. Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness. Especially if you’re caffeine-sensitive. You have to be careful with your intake. It can cause anxiety and irritability. And if you’ve been drinking coffee your whole life, you should now already know what works for you and what doesn’t. It doesn’t kill being wary.
  2. Bad Coffee is Toxic Coffee. Nothing toxic will ever be good for you or your body. Bad coffee is that grumpy old batch of beans that have either been over ripped or ruined. Even one small bean can turn one good old cup into your worst bodily nightmare. It’s better to invest in your coffee purchase to not fall victim of this con.
  3. Coffee gets you all worked up. And not the good kind. The caffeine found inside your coffee increases a person’s stress hormones, this is also called catecholamines. Because of the insulin increase, inflammation takes place which makes you feel lousy and overly agitated.
  4. Coffee can make you urinate a lot. And it wouldn’t be so much of a problem, if you simply got rid of the toxins. But with this comes the excretion of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This can later lead to serious complications in your system.
  5. Caffeine amps up the production of gastric juices. Which—yikes!—can cause heartburn or worsen symptoms of those suffering irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Coffee can be addictive. This isn’t a new fact, and it certainly isn’t a pro. Ingesting uncontrollable amounts of coffee a day makes you crummy, which isn’t just unpleasant, it’s unhealthy. It gets you jittery for all the wrong reasons and can very well be the cause of your… well, death.
  7. Coffee can kill you. It takes roughly about only 70 cups of coffee drank in succession (or a short amount of time!) to kill a 150-pound person. So please count your cups. Don’t drink too much coffee.

The Myths: Coffee Study 101

  1. Coffee is bad for your health! Well, not exactly. You know, I pretty much just listed the pros of coffee drinking. There are cons to consider, of course, but it ain’t all bad.
  2. Don’t drink coffee if you’re pregnant. Okay, let me explain. You can, but don’t drink more than one cup. It’s going to be dangerous for both you and your child. Babies lack an enzyme needed to metabolize caffeine, so lactating women and those carrying babies are often advised to avoid drinking coffee. If you’re having a hard time controlling your coffee intake, it’s best to just stay away from coffee for nine months (and the next few ones while you’re breastfeeding) altogether.
  3. Coffee stunts (your) growth. Uh, not exactly. While there hasn’t been a study directly exploring and proving this myth, there hasn’t been any recordings denying it either. If you are a child though, refrain from doing this not because it will stunt your growth but because it will give you cavities, a decreased appetite, insomnia, hyperactivity, bone loss, and increased bed-wetting—all of which have been proven!
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