Wear Confidence to Work, Not Worn-Out Workwear Be more successful by being you, and find success outside of the norms.


Find out why you can be more successful by letting your workwear tell your story, not everyone else’s.

It’s Monday again. You get out of bed, go to your closet, and gasp in exasperation. You’re tired anyway. The last thing you want to do is put on those boring clothes that say absolutely nothing about who you are, yet that’s what you do. Then you go off to blend in with the “herd” at work. Why do you do this?


Usually, it’s because you think that “blending in” will get you noticed and that this will ensure success within your job. After all, this is what we are taught as children, conform to the way everyone else is doing it, and be rewarded for it.

Good news. This is 2016 and that idea could not be further from the truth today. Sticking out in distinct ways (such as in the way you dress) can give you an edge in your presence and your influence. Think about this: when do you feel more confident and on top of the world? Is it when you look and try to act like everyone else, or is it when you are rocking your own personality and your own style?


While humans are actually wired to conform to their groups, being an individual will make you look and feel comfortable, if you look like you are comfortable and have an heir of confidence, it will look as though you are meant to be doing whatever it is that  you’re doing.

Kitsch Kandy supports your right to be your own person, and tell your own story. Check out all of the choices that will allow you to roll into work confident and refreshed.

From cool-chic t-shirts such as the Belle Femme Tee, the Co Co T-Shirt, the Golden Child Tee, and the Sacred Goddess Tee, all the way to tanks (I’m loving the Dapper Dandy Tank), you can choose and tell your own story and emote your own personality through your workwear.


If your personality does happen to be more on the conservative side, take a look at our stylish Raw-Edge Loose-Fit V Neck Tee.

Pair this with some cute leggings and our Loose-Fit Trench Coat along with the right heels or flats and you are on your way to a killer work outfit!

Feeling a little more adventurous? Pair that outfit with one of our stylish Fedoras.


Ditch the typical purse and grab a bag with oomph. I am crazy over our Red Buckle Backpack! A splash of color and the right accessory screams personality and individuality!

So go ahead and be an individual. Rock who you are at work. You’ll feel more confident, your job output will increase, and your boss will notice for all the right reasons.


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